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THE HUBs Gizem ONURMEN ARCHITECTS Modern Çalışma Odası
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THE HUBs Gizem ONURMEN ARCHITECTS Modern Çalışma Odası
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THE HUBs Gizem ONURMEN ARCHITECTS Modern Çalışma Odası


Creativity is a virus… But a different kind of virus which helps the body and the mind to evolve. A Virus can stay dormant many years and it only needs a stimulus to become active and dominate the body.

Creativity, like any other virus, also needs a stimulus from the environment. Ideas flourish when they are triggered. Virus evolve, so does the creativity. Any environment, no matter how creative, becomes dull after some time. What seems inspiring a month ago can become so boring today.

Creativity is a call for disruption. Change is a call for disruption. Creativity stems from change. Creativity feeds on uniqueness, that’s why unique things has always been attractive.


Good design is simple, because less is more.

Good design is effortless, because design should aid the thinking process, not intervene with it.

Good design is long lasting, because it is never out-of-date.

A human-centered design is simple, effortless and long lasting.

The design concept reflects the contemporary office design and new co-working understanding of today’s world. Enel Green Power is the focal point of the design concept and thus influences the layout, material and color selection.

“Creativity Hub” is designed to be a multifunctional area dedicated for creativity. The design is centered on and around human to stimulate the creativity process. The materials, the lightning and even the furniture used are selected to facilitate the ideation of unthinkable. Inspired form solar panels, light-reflecting materials are used in selected areas within the hub. Technology ranging from wireless file sharing to motion-powered green energy are integrated as design elements fitting with the overall design idea of effortless simplicity.

Creativity hub is designed to enable Enel employees to strip from daily business burden and start a fresh thinking process.


Creativity Hub is an integrated space of two interconnected hubs: the “Ideation Hub” and the “Discussion Hub”. These two interconnected hubs are accessible from each other since the ideation starts with a sound discussion.

Ideation hub is where ideas start to become reality. Right at the entrance, a small lounge area with design chairs welcome the employees. There are three focus areas, autonomous working spaces called “cocoons”, to the either side of the lounge area. To emphasize renewable energy and shift focus to self-sustainable environment; two electricity generating blue-bikes are placed against a TV display where employees can race each other and thus generate power for the display itself. Sustainability is key for Enel and this can be felt within both hubs.

Ideation starts within the brain, but then it requires a medium to evolve. That’s why the ideation hub is equipped with magnet and post-it walls for employees to share their ideas with others. Right in the middle of the room, there is a small-size modular grandstand which can be folded against the wall if more space is needed. Whenever the grandstand is folded, two foldable tennis tables are used either as a working or gaming table. Existing pantone chairs are used to create a theater-like layout for presentations for larger audiences. A large video-wall is located across the grandstand as the main display unit within the ideation hub. Bookshelves are also mounted on the walls within the ideation hub for easy storage and direct access to the books. The glass wall is equipped with jalousie curtain when privacy needed.

Ambiance light is a trigger for the ideation process. Three main light sources are located on the ceiling with different lighting ornaments. Different ornaments are used in the hub to break the monotonous feeling and shift focus from low ceiling height. Natural light spots of 4500 Kelvin are scattered around the room for better illumination. Modular grandstand and video-wall are equipped with color changing LED to change the ambiance of the hub based on the activity and the mood.

Discussion hub is designed to share ideas. The hub is equipped with design elements to ease the communication. Presentations and small group discussions are held in the discussion hub to generate ideas. Movable whiteboards and extractable panels are used to utilize the walls for note taking. Bookshelves and storage units are mounted on the walls as Enel employees requested. Display screens and projection equipment is available for presentations as well as for long distance video calls with other Enel offices and business partners around the globe. In order to break the impact of small room size and low ceiling height, white color is selected as the dominant color for the permanent materials and movable furniture.

Almost all hub furniture including the grandstand are movable and modular to enable space enlargement when needed. Since both hubs have no direct access of natural light, they are equipped with natural-feeling and adjustable lighting. Besides the lighting, the music in each room are independently sourced with adjustable volume. Employees can easily connect to the music player with an app on their phone to broadcast their own music.

Pablo Picasso once said “Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not”. Enel Creativity Hub is designed to encourage people to ask “why not”.

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