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Baufritz UK
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Baufritz UK
Baufritz UK
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Baufritz designs and builds high quality timber homes that are environmentally friendly and offer an unrivalled level of comfort and a unique healthy living climate. Established in Germany in 1896, Baufritz has been building beautiful timber houses for more than a century, and remains a family run company to this day. The company has had a presence in the UK since 2007, since when it has built almost 50 homes in the UK.

Baufritz puts its long tradition to good use in each and every home the company builds, with its unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and state of the art production techniques. All houses are custom designed by an experienced team of architects and designers to clients’ individual requirements, before being prefabricated in Baufritz’s factory near Munich where an exceptional construction quality is guaranteed. Houses are then delivered to site, where Baufritz’s skilled construction team puts the house together to the last detail. The prefabricated construction method means that once groundworks are complete, a house can be built and watertight within a few days – a huge contrast to traditional building methods. Fit-out can be completed soon afterwards, minimising time on site and inconvenience to clients and neighbours.

Baufritz has been recognised for its exemplary work on sustainability, and takes pride in manufacturing houses only from natural, environmentally safe, reusable materials. The company has pioneered a number of environmentally friendly building materials and fittings from 100% natural wood shaving insulation to low energy light fittings, all of which come as standard in all Baufritz homes. This, together with German precision engineering and craftsmanship, delivers beautiful, healthy and low maintenance homes with low running costs and a long life span.

The Workplace, Oakington Road, Girton
CB3 0QH Cambridge
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