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CRETOX Concrete Panels by NETEREN Co.Ltd.

CRETOX Concrete Panels by N…

CRETOX Concrete Panels by NETEREN Co.Ltd.
CRETOX Concrete Panels by N...
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NETEREN | Luxury Wall Covering Panels 

Neteren was established in 2005 in Turkey to import unique decorative wall panel product - TOTALStone brand stone look fiberglass & polyester mix wall panels from Spain and exclusively distribute in Turkish market. He is the first company in Turkey providing polyester and fiberglass panels with 100% natural look and feel of natural elements such as stones, bricks, woods in wall panel, arch, and columns formats. 

He was honored as a solution partner in more than 10.000 respectful projects throughout Turkey and nearby countries. Different from typical buy and sell trade mentality, following a sensitive progressive approach from project analysis to sales, fast deliveries to installation supervision, flexible working plans to effective program management carried the success. Supporting his original products’ quality with a high quality service, allowed Neteren to be a strong and boutique brand in the decorative wall covering panel sector.   

In 2016, with a deep knowledge about decorative wall paneling and in accordance with the architectures’ & designers' demands, Neteren decided to add and develop new products mainly made of natural ingredients such as concrete and real stones.

Next to his importer and private label brand owner identity since 2005, he developed and patented a brand new products and started to manufacture his own products in his factories in Turkey such as pure cement based CRETOX Natural Concrete Panels and PU based CROSSWALK Natural look 3D PU polyurethan faux wall panels.

Currently in NETEREN has 5 unique brands under two main categories.

‘’NATURA Collection’’ - Consists of natural panels Made of natural ingredients such as cement, quartz and stone.

‘’REPLICA Collection’’-  Consists of natural effect panels Made of chemicals such as PVC,PU and Polyester.


// NATURA Collection // Natural Wall Covering Panels //  

>> CRETOX Concrete Panel | Cement Based Ultra lightweight Concrete Beton Wall Panel

Suitable : Interior Concrete Wall Paneling, Concrete Partition Walls, Exterior Concrete Facade Cladding, Rainscreen Concrete Facade Cladding  

Origin : Turkey // Manufactured in Turkey by Neteren 


>> CHAPA Stone Panel | Flexible Thin Stone Veneer + Stone Tile Panel 

Origin : India // PLM Manufactured by Neteren


// REPLICA Collection // Look and Touch of Natural Elements // 

>> CROSSWalk PU Panel | Faux Stone Panel + Faux Brick Panel + Insulated Decorative Panels

Suitable : Interior PU Wall Paneling,  Retail Store Designs, Exterior Facade Cladding

Origin : Turkey // Manufactured in Turkey by Neteren


>> DINAMO PVC Panel | Natural Wood Look and Touch Pvc Panels 

Origin : France // PLM Manufactured by Neteren


TOTALStone Polyester Panels

>> Origin : Spain // Exclusively by Neteren

The main aspect of all brands is the function in design and the quality.

Preferring NETEREN at once, makes people change all they know about decorative wall panels and make them welcome to a privileged world of art wall coverings.

With a pleasure of quality, NETEREN will be the first and sole destination in your wall , ceiling and facade covering solutions.

Try It & Feel The Difference!

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  • Exterior Concrete Design
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