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regardless of time and place, missing home? then you have a lot in common with muizhauz.

turning the irregular, indifferent simplicity into an effortless chicness, muizhauz designs appeal to the ones who find comfort not in the mainstream but in tiny specific details. muizhauz owes its charm to high quality materials, its simple style demonstrating the philosophy of “less is more” and delicate handicraft. 

muizhauz is aware of the fact that each home is a symbol of its inhabitants and different from the others with a unique identity. from this point of view, with “a new perspective” muizhauz aims to give their character back to homes that are victims of monotony and remind them they are unique. 

with muizhauz’s simple and modern style with a story, happiness is always home. 

“take me home”

Nüzhetiye cd.No:27 Beşiktaş
34000 İstanbul
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