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AK Design Studio
AK Design Studio
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Stone Age- Baltalimanı Mansion

The waterside
apartment of 105 square meters is located on the shores of the Bosphorus Bridge that connects the continent Europe to Asia.

There are only 364 waterside residences located on the two sides of the Bosphorus. As this waterfront has hosted many different cultures during the thousands of years, we didn’t want to allow any cultural prominence. Therefore, away from the traditional Istanbul waterfront motives, we showed ultimate attention on interpreting a current perspective.

Considering the the lifestyle of the customer and the disadvantages caused by the small space, there were a number of structural changes made in the apartment. The kitchen was made smaller and added to the bedroom. In this way, the room was transformed into a master suite of 33 square meters with dressing room and bathroom areas.  

By making the shared bathroom smaller, an additional bathroom was added to the guest room. As a result, a living room combined with the kitchen, two bedrooms with bathrooms and a shared toilet area were created in this 105 square meters waterfront apartment.

A sense of depth was created by removing the door which had seperated the lounge from the other areas of the apartment. The travertine stone used on the floors was continued in some walls and furnitures in certain places. The travertine material gives the feeling that it has been wandering through the house and turned into a TV unit and a work desk in the living room, a fireplace in the bedroom and the sinks in the bathrooms. Two fireplaces are placed in the travertine marble unit under the wall where the TV is located. The space under the marble seating area in the launge was converted into a storage area.

A sense of depth and calmness is created by the continuity of the materials and structural changes. Not to understate this quite and pure style, there was utmost attentien paid on the textile and furniture.

Considering the landlord’s interest in modern art; the sculptor and painter Güler Güngör has been included in the whole interior design process. By placing a twin paintings of Güler Güngör in a wooden frame, a single piece of art was created. This art work that combines painting and sculpture functions as a moving panel which covers the television when it is not in use. The motives within the picture were moved to the wooden door and cupboards in the house. The bird form that has undergone metamorphosis right next to the panel also took place on the door handles. These sculptural forms have been also continued on the movable furniture in the house.