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Karmod 49 m2 Prefabricated House

About Karmod

Karmod a brand for Prefabricated Technologies that discovers the World.
Karmod Prefabricated Building Technologies a leading Turkish company that was established in 1986 and since then has executed projects in about 90 countries around the World. Karmod proved to be a well organized company that is capable of executing various types of Projects in different countries at the same time.

Prefabricated Villa

Are you tired of the stifling climate of concrete buildings with classical architecture? Did you feel as if you were alone and imprisoned in highly flat floor concrete buildings? Maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but we have a new housing proposition that will resolve your uneasiness that negatively impacts your life comfort.

The highly secure Prefabricated Villa, which is produced by taking the comfort expectations with its world brand Karmod expertise into consideration, stands out with its spacious spaces offering maximum refreshment. Elements that narrow the space given by classical architecture such as columns and beams are eliminated with the advantage of this new building model. In addition, by looking at one of the detached houses shown below with multi-level or two-level function plans, you can put together your own Karmod house.

Steel Construction House

Our Steel Houses, with their specially developed steel construction that propose high structural safety in the foreground, are the residence choice of those who want to live a happy life in the environment which offers maximum confidence. A few of Karmod steel construction advantages are they aesthetics and being highly detailed.

The interior design of the plan takes into account ergonomically functional functions when using extremely generous spaces for a separate sense of comfort. Through Karmod you will find your dream house with a large number of different one-story or two-story house models.

Steel House

Imagine a house that is both beautiful and very safe. We all want to live in a nice and comfortable house. We dream of, a family home where our family can live in safety and peace.

Karmod is a brand that seeks to bring your thoughts to the forefront, understand your expectations, and develop your homes accordingly. By using steel, which offers the highest level of building security, Karmod prepares warm environments in which thousands of families can live happily.

Prefabricated House Models

There are so many elements that affect human appreciation. Perhaps the most effective one is the environment in which he was born and grew. This phenomenon, which is called ıy culture durum as a common definition, is also reflected in architectural preferences and tastes. This situation, which is effective in the formation of geography, also affects the residential culture of the region. It is not the same as the housing style in the region of the equatorial zone with warmer climates and the warmer climatic style with the region close to the poles in the harsh cold climatic conditions.

The prefabricated house models have the ideal building solution for different requirements, whereby the collapsible structure can be designed for different cultures and climates. Whether one-story or two-story design and production alternatives, Karmod has satisfied customers of different cultures in more than 100 countries around the world. Karmod prefab models are characterized by geography and culture. In the Scandinavian countries, two-story residential buildings with vertical roofs are preferred, while in Saudi Arabia, the horizontal concept receives more attention. Importantly, our designs vary in different regions, but the desire for a warm home that keeps the family together is the same all over the world.

Prefabricated House Prices

In fact, most of our dreams affect our budget savings. It is the thought that comes to mind when we want to buy something. If you have the desire to have a nice new residence, think about these concerns. Because it is very easy to find a nice house that fits your budget.

The highly ergonomic plans are made with our new technology, which has interior designs, and will help you find the most suitable prefabricated house for your budget. Moreover, as time does not need to be wasted at all. After you decided on one of our many house models, your house can be ready in just a few days.

Steel House Prices

When valuing real estate prices, you should consider the confidence and comfort offered to you at the price. As we all know, our country is in the earthquake zone. So if we want to become a homeowner, we need to prioritize these risk-based building models.

With these expectations, Karmod, the prefabricated house producer, offers the house prices with the prices you can have easily. Karmod produces comfortable houses with a high building security from a 49 square meter single story model to a two-story housing model that has 148 square meters. Karmod produces and delivers houses to every part of Turkey for over 30 years.

Villa Structure

For house models that emphasize aesthetics, comfort, ergonomics, and high building security, villa styles are the best choice. The location, environmental factors, infrastructure and other living cultures of the area in which the house is being built are definitely taken into account, as a completely decent living area is sought.

Karmod offers the relief of building villas through a simple building system. The company Karmod, whose products are equipped with a steel carcass and whose main beams are completely bolted, is the sought-after brand for villa preferences, which facilitates the detailed solutions together with the safety of the building. As a villa model, it is recommended to examine the alternatives of the highly aesthetic coating in the interior and exterior facades as well as the intermediate materials compatible with the steel frame.

Prefabricated Houses

Prefabricated housing units with new generation housing technology are prepared in the factory production facilities and delivered to the desired location in a short time can be installed housing models are called ready houses. Prefabricated houses are among the safest housing models of our time with their technologies.

Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, one of the leading brands in the housing industry, are pre-produced with the no-weld system on the factory tape system. All details such as doors, windows, roof trusses, fasteners and roof coverings are produced in the pre-production phase together with the insulating layers of the building blocks forming the house. The house is easily transported under international transport standards to the place where it is used. Ready units are delivered by Karmod teams in the shortest possible time, including the installation of electrical and sanitary systems without the need for other materials. We recommend that you check with the Karmod sales representative for the finished houses.

Steel Structure

When it comes to steel, the first thought that comes to mind is trust. We know that this confidence is the confidence that the steel material has as much flexibility as its flexibility. Such a strength does not show brittleness. It gives people confidence and peace. The steel frame structure can be used for office buildings or offering employees comfortable accommodation.

Since 1986, Karmod has been establishing projects with the steel structure system, from offices and accommodation to clinics and schools. The production realized with the use of steel materials with the technology owners is used safely in over 110 countries around the world.

House Models

Lifestyle, social environment, housing expectation, as well as the country's culture are among the most important factors in the formation of home models. When we consider the plan size, the most preferred models in the countries where the core family environment consists of mother, father and child are concentrated in the 2 + 1 plans, while in the societies where the acceptance of the larger family and the guests are high, 3 + 1 or more housing model preferences become prominent. Among the factors that determine the external appearance, the climate characteristic is taken into consideration together with the expectation of comfort. The steep roof model is a must in the Scandinavian belt where snowfall is intense. In hot climates, the roof should only be evaluated in terms of insulation.

Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, a brand that offers an alternative to various cultures and exports to over 110 countries. Thanks to many years of experience, Karmod can help you make your choice with numerous one-story and two-story models.

Prefabricated House for Sale

The prefab house, with its comfort and longevity, is one of the most distinctive building models of the house. In terms of production and installation speed, there is no big-time difference between a concrete building with classic architecture and a new prefabricated house.

If you decide to purchase a prefabricated house today, you can start living in your new home in short periods such as a week. In addition, the quality of of an Karmod prefabricated house, high insulation, long life usage advantages are uncomparable. Since 1986, Karmod is one of the most reliable brands where you can get information about your housing preferences.

Single Storey Prefabricated House

Connected to nature, you want a home in a decent environment, away from the noise and stress of the city. If you have the desire to make that dream come true in a short time, the one-story prefab house is the most suitable place to live that can be offered to you. The prefabricated house has a long-lasting structure, an unbelievable production speed of the weld-free screw fastening system and the advantages of assembly in a short time.

With the one-story house model, it is very easy to have your own prefabricated house in an instant. All you need to do is contact the Karmod sales consultant to realize your dream of an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious home. Under Karmod's one-story house models you will find your dream home in many ergonomic designs.

Duplex Prefab House

The duplex prefabricated houses, which are among the preferred wishes of those who want large rooms and want to have a comfortable home. Karmod's duplex house models, which offer you more than the expectations that the home designers reflect with their know-how, offer maximum stability thanks to static calculations.

The Karmod Duplex House, with its aesthetic design reminiscent of the comfort of a villa from the outside, is the choice of those who prefer a quiet, peaceful environment.

Steel House Models

The steel raw material with its easy-to-handle, flexible property and the reliability of durability has a respectable place in the housing sector with its steel house model style. Steel frame houses, which have for many years been used to verify housing preferences, are used in the US, Canada, and above all in European countries such as France and Germany. The steel frame model is the most important housing model for high building expectations with the above-mentioned advantage of strength. In addition, the easy processing also has the advantage that the latest aesthetic structures arise.

The steel house model came to the fore in the housing industry after we faced the Marmara Earthquake in 1999 in our country. The non-fractured flexible feature makes it extremely safe against earthquakes. It is an important alternative for villas with luxury in terms of security. Karmod is one of the leading Manufacters in steel house production in our country. In the technological production line, Karmod screw fittings which turn aesthetic designs into production with one-to-one production, establish steel houses in high comfort and in very short time. With the Karmod house system, you can have a very short period of time according to the classical architecture.

Inexpensive Prefabricated houses

First, it must be stressed that the fact that prefabricated houses are considered cheap does not necessarily mean that they are not reliable. The quality and insulation values are achieved by using special materials without waste. With the advantage of the combined screw system, every detail is practically prefabricated. Walls, doors, windows, steel roof frames and facades are completely prepared in the production line. This situation makes the finished parts economically advantageous compared to other building models and is therefore referred to in the public as a ’cheap house’.

The prefabricated Karmod houses are delivered by international transport standards and built by our teams within a short time.

Prefabricated Housing

If you want a home that has a long life and is ready to live in no time, then the prefab house is just what you are looking for. Construction quality, comfort, aesthetics and durable properties of the prefabricated house are a good alternative to the boring style of classical architecture. Die vorgefertigten Hausmodelle mit zahlreichen ästhetischen Entwürfen, ein- und zweigeschossigen Grundrissen, können Ihren unterschiedlichen Erwartungen entsprechen.

Prefabricated buildings were mentioned in the report of the global brand Karmod, the company that managed many projects worldwide. The report mentions one of the company's major projects, which was completed in Baghdad Kut, Iraq, where 1884 prefabricated houses were completed in 7 months. In the prefabricated city live more than 10 thousand people. Karmod produces prefabricated houses on average for about 1,000 to 1,200 families a year in Turkey.

Steel Villa

If you have expectations of aesthetics, comfort and reliability, the Steel Villa will be the building model that best suits your expectations. The steel structure offers many advantages in terms of safety and comfort according to the classical solutions of classical architecture. The advantage of the architectural design is that it can be easily processed in detail solutions made of steel. Thin lines that give the appearance of a building an aesthetic appearance are made relatively light in the steel villa system, but are quite difficult in the classic concrete villa models. Details such as corner couplings with screw couplings and structural aesthetics can be easily solved in the steel model. Since the columns and beams are not needed, the steel girders provide easy access to the rooms in terms of interior design.

Facade application solutions such as glass, wood and composite can be used on exterior facades. If you remember the fact that the Turkey is an earthquake zone steel villa models are the first choice for reliable buildings. For detailed information about our steel villa, you can contact the Karmod sales offices and examine a large number of different villa models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:What is the service life of Karmod Prefabricated Buildings ?

Answer: Prefabricated structures are in the long life building class and can be used safely about 50 years.Excessive wind, snow, rain, humitidy and the way of usage are the factors that can affect the structure’s life.It is needed to make maitenence as the other type of buildings need.

Question 2:Which materials are Prefabricated structures made of ? What are the characteristics?

Answer: Karmod prefabricated buildings are produced in modern facilities with seamless threaded system technology.Bolted joints are stronger and safer than welded system.Faulty workmanship is reduced at minimum.Metal sheet,EPS and cement board are the main materials that we use in our production.We also use %100 stainless products.Wall panels are made of 2 diferent types as Cement board- styrofoam – Cement board and Metal sheet-Styrofoam- metal sheet and have high insulation rate.Roof trusses are manufactured with bolt system and produced in automatic roll form machines acording to the Project.Columns and cross joints of roof trusses are manufactured with static calculation by our ingeneers acording to conditions of the place that will be constructed.For roof cladding , galvanized metal sheets are in use as a standart product. Materials such as OSB, membrane and shingle can be applied upon request.Windows and balcony doors glasses are PVC doubled glazed.For inner doors american panel doors are in use. All the materials that used for electrical and sanitary installations are acording to TSE standarts and they all have certificate and warranty documents.

Question 3:Can prefabricated houses dissamble and reassemble in a differen locations ?

Answer: Yes, that's possible. It only requires disassembly cost, re-installation cost, painting cost, and sanitary installation cost. It is possible to make amendment in buildings if required.

.Question 4:Are Karmod Prefabricated Houses Resistant to Earthquakes Or Winds ?

Answer: Prefabricated buildings are resistent to 7.5 magnitude and 80 km/ h wind speed. Considering the weather and climate conditions of the place that the houses will build, we are able to deliver our prefabricated products to any place in the world.

Question 5:Do Prefabricated Buildings required maintenance ?

Answer: As it is required for any type of building ,prefabricated buildings are required to maintenance. Prefabricated buildings are formed from a combination of different types of materials.All these materials have diferent degrees of expansion coefficiency.The cracks between the panels may occur for these kind of reasons.These crack would be repaired by mastic material and paint.

Question 6:How are the heat and sound insulation of prefabricated houses ?

Answer: Karmod prefabricated buildings exteriors walls are 10 cm thick with strafor panel system. They have more heat and sound insulation than conventional concrete building. Glass wool and Rock wool that are used in wall and roof panels are provide high rate of insulation.

Quesition 7: Is it possible to apply any Project i wish on prefabricated houses ?

Answer: You can come to us with your own design and drawings and we can together customize a building project within our production constraints, e.g. dimensional constraints due to our standard panelized system. Our representatives will assist you to create a prefabricated building design that best suits your needs.

Question 8 : What is the production and installation of prefabricated structures time?

Answer: Production time is for standart building is one week under normal conditions. Depending on weather conditions, our assembling team is capable of build 20-25 m2 for single storey houses and 15-20 m2 for two storey houses a day. After the installation completes , painting process can be completed 1-3 days.With a good planning, in a short time like within a month you can settle into the building.

Question 9:Is it possible to make modifications in the prefabricated building?

Answer: Our prefabricated houses are build according to the static structure based on weather and climate conditions of the place that they build. On condition that keeping the static structure of the building you are able to make modification. We recomend to contact with our after-sales departmant for your modification plan.

Question 10:What type of ground is it necesarry to build the prefabricated house ?

Answer: The ground should be 30 cm wider for each side of the house.The height of ground should be 25-30cm. A heavy concrete foundation ,as it is used for concrete buildings, is not necesary. During the contract signing phase,we give the concrete plan to the customer. Our customers should prepare the concrete floor acording to that plan before the construction.

Question 11:What are the warranty terms and period of the prefabricated houses ?

Answer: Our warranty period is 1 year against manufacturing and assembly faults if it is used acording with our general terms in our contract.Karmod is the leader and the pionner company in the sector for after selling service.Our after sales service is always with you.

Question 12: Which material is using for the roof in prefabricated structures ?

Answer: For roof cladding , natural trapezoidal sheet roof, painted trapezoidal sheet, tile patterned sheet metal can be applied on metal purlins.Also can be applied on OSB material.In addition ,sandwich panels and shingles are also avaible.

Question 13:Can it be apply ceramic and tile in wet areas of prefabricated houses ?

Answer: For wet areas, in order to tile the walls , moisture-proof green coloured gypsum board is applied.Ceramic can also applied with plaster and net.Before applying the ceramic to the ground , waterproofing should be done with cement finish.

Question 14: Are you able to assemble prefabricated houses everywhere?

Answer: Karmod currently exports nearly 90 countries globally. Our production team takes care of weather conditions, snow and wind load of the location where the building will done and the the production / assembly will be done accordingly.

Question 15:Do I need to get a building permit for prefabricated buildings ?

Answer: It is under discretion of the Municipality where the building to be constructed. For obtaining permit, Architectural plan, Electrical plan, Mechanical plan, and ground survey should be met by the customer. If required, we can only provide statistical calculations of the building. Permits and legal allowances need to be taken by the customer itself. If the location where the building to be constructed within a municipal area, then a permit is required.

Question 16:How many stories can a prefabricated building have ?

Answer:We can construct as 2 story houses with prefabricated technology and 3 story buildings with light steel technology.

Question 17: What are the customer’s responsabilities when buying prefabricated houses ?


-For ground concrete, wire mesh with iron rod 30 cm basement

-Excavation and landscaping works

-Floor and wall covering (screed, ceramic , tile and laminant parquet)

-External connections (electrcity, sewage and clean water)

-Permits and licences from Provincial or from Municipalities.

-Heating and cooling system ( Heating,air conditioning etc.)

-Accomodation, food and transportation costs of the assembling crew.

Question 18: Is it posible to build a prefabricated structure as a extra flat on a concrete building ?

Answer :It is posible to build on single storey concrete building.The bottom building must have a solid and flat floor.Also bottom building can not have a chimney.It is not safe to install a chimney for fire risk and waterproofing system.

Question 19:How do I do heating and cooling in my prefabricated house ?

Answer: You can easily get warm with stove, air-conditioner, natural gas or electrical heater in winter, and you can cool your room with air-conditioner in summer.

Question 20: How do you transport prefabricated houses ?

Answer: Transportation of prefabricated buildings are operated by trucks, trailers,ships, trains and cargo planes.

Question 21: What are advantages of the prefabricated houses ?

Answer: Prefabricated houses are manufactured for all kind of uses and purposes.They are practical and rapid for installation by modules.With a flexible structure feature , they are resistant to earthquakes and subsidence of ground.Prefabricated houses are manufactured according to all climatic conditions.They have superior features to the other structures about heat and sound insulation.It can be builded within a short time without harming the environment and without pollution.Manufactured in accordance with modern and historical texture.They are resistant to fire.Optionally, prefabricated houses can be demounted and be installed in other place.

Question 22:What are the solutions in prefabricated houses in cold regions ?

Answer Exterior wall panels and roof can be modificate according to weather and climate conditions with TS 825 norms.

Question 23:Points to consider when buying prefabricated houses ?


· The reliability of the company is very important.

· The workmanship, after sales support, corporateness and the quality of the people whom work with of the company is very important.

· The quality of materials and the quality certifications are very important.

· Have an interview with the company.Make sure that they are expert

· Review the contract details.

· Make sure that the company have a profesional team in the manufacture , installation and after sales service

In case of having problem after the installation , make sure that the company could solve the problem quicklya and answer your inquiries.

Answer: The quality and thickness of the steel structure, thickness and quality of the materials that used in wall panels, roof insulation, quality of Windows.Additionally extra materials for insulation in walls and in roof can affect the price.

Question 25: What are the area of usage of prefabricated houses ?

Answer: Houses, villas, offices,social housing, social facilities,construction sites, cafeteria and dormitories, prefabricated factory and hangars

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    prefab homes,prefabricated houses, prefab houses, prefabricated homes,modular homes, mobile homes for sale, steel frame house, flat pack homes, modular housing, prefabricated housing

  • KARMOD PREFABRICATED TECHNOLOGIES – Karmod 49 m2 Prefabricated House:  tarz

    Karmod 49 m2 Prefabricated House

  • KARMOD PREFABRICATED TECHNOLOGIES – Karmod 49 m2 Prefabricated House:  tarz

    Karmod 49 m2 Prefabricated House