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From Cluttered and Crowded to Sleek and Savvy

Leigh Leigh
Light&Salt Design
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Expert professionals Light & Salt Designs know how to achieve great results with limited space available to them. 

Today, we are going to visit South Korea and witness the incredible transformation of a very old, run down and cluttered apartment. The results will stun you, as these designers bring together minimalist, sleek and savvy strategies to magically turn this dump into a gorgeous home that anyone would be proud to live in. 

This before and after will also teach you how you can make little changes here and there to transform your own small space. 

Let's see how this home went from cluttered and crowded to sleek and savvy!

Before: A disaster

If we look at the living room and living spaces throughout the home before the designers intervened, it's hard to believe that this home was habitable.

The colours are very old-fashioned and bland, doing nothing to enhance the open plan nature of the home. The floors are chipped and worn down while the windows and doors look like they are about to fall off their hinges.

The artificial lighting is also too bright and dramatic for this small space. There is no ambiance!

Before: A mess

In this image, we can see that there is no organization or strategy when it comes to the design of the house. There are items all over the place!

It is never great to have items scattered around a home, but for a small home it is an absolute no-no. Having items everywhere makes the space feel that much smaller and more claustrophobic, while creating a very unappealing environment. Your home is meant to make you feel calm and at peace, but in this home, you would just feel nervous and crowded!

We can also see that none of the colours work in harmony either.

Before: Unappealing kitchen

If we look at the kitchen before the intervention, we can see that the kitchen counter tops, cabinets and shelves are very old-fashioned although they look slighter newer and more shiny than the rest of the kitchen.

The rest of the kitchen is an abomination with old, stained floors, horrible neon fluorescent lighting and items scattered all over the place. The peach tones used wash out the kitchen and make it look very unappealing. Could you imagine cooking up a feast in this space?

After: A breath of fresh air

This doesn't even look like the same apartment! 

This modern and chic space has been completely transformed with stylish wooden floors, improved white cabinets and shelves and wooden counter tops that bring some warmth and vitality into the space.

Wood creates a cocoon-like effect in any space, while working in harmony with the materials that have already been used throughout. It's a great material to choose!

We can also see how neat this space is now. The designers have made the absolute most of kitchen storage, keeping all cutlery, crockery and glassware stored neatly out of sight. This creates a very neat and minimalist design, instantly making the room look bigger!

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The homely entrance

An entrance sets the tone for the rest of the home so you want it to look neat, stylish and welcoming.

The designers are experts at this so they've created a very homely, sleek and simple entrance that will envelope any guest in its warmth and comfort. 

Again we can see that there are no personal items lying around. Everything has been stored neatly out of sight, opening the home up. The focal point becomes the gorgeous wooden finishes and neutral, earthy tones.

Lighting is also key to this homely design. The soft lights used throughout ensure that there is a lot of ambiance in the home. This is far better than the bright neon lights!

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After: Smart storage

In this image, we can see how the designers have used every nook and cranny available to them to create spaces where items can be stored neatly away. In the hallway, they've invested in the vertical space, installing shelves and cupboards. This is where items like linen, jackets, coats, books and even decor items can be stored neatly. The best part? It doesn't take up even an inch of floor space!

You could also use vertical space to install a gorgeous vertical garden to add greenery to a home like this in a very neat and organized way.

This home is now modernized and revolutionized, thanks to these little touches here and there!

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