​Zzzzz.... sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases

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​Zzzzz… . sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases

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Being happy in your bed is essential to getting a good night’s sleep. And getting a good night’s sleep, at least semi-regularly, is essential to being a contented, productive person. Of course, the bedding you choose impacts on a lot more than just how well-rested you feel at work; it’s also a key part of what defines the style of your bedroom’s interior design. Subtle and classic or bright and playful, the textiles you pick out for your bed say a lot about who you are and what you like. If you’re trying to add the finishing touches to your bedroom and you’re getting a little bit stuck, check out the images below for some ideas on what direction to take.

​All buttoned up

NATURAL linen bedding by Lovely Home Idea LOVELY HOME IDEA

NATURAL linen bedding by Lovely Home Idea


This pretty, understated set harnesses the surprising power of neutral colours and subtle embellishments. Dove grey is a safe choice for almost any bedroom and style of decor, and has practical advantages as well. For example unlike with white bedding, the go-to pick for most people looking for a non-abrasive colour option, you never have to worry about this set going grey in the wash. Because, well, it already is.

NATURAL linen bedding by Lovely Home Idea LOVELY HOME IDEA

NATURAL linen bedding by Lovely Home Idea


Up close we can see how the buttons add just the right level of adornment to this design. They’re simple, cute, and timeless.

​Tie the knot

LOVELY HOME IDEA: modern tarz , Modern

Purple Provence Dream linen bedding by lovely Home Idea


And from the same designer, this pillowcase demonstrates another way that exploring alternatives to traditional fastenings can add character to a simple piece.

​One for the players

a cushion Gie El Home Klasik
Gie El Home

a cushion

Gie El Home

This sweet and unusual chess piece pillowcase will bring a light-hearted charm to a bedroom without going too frivolous. Crafting enthusiasts take note – this strong silhouette would be easy to recreate yourself with a stencil.

​If you don’t want to do colour, do texture

Sometimes the simplest option is the most appealing. White bedding suits every room and creates a crisp and fresh look that other colours just can’t. It can be a tad dull, however – especially if it’s completely plain. The addition of just a little texture, as seen here, makes all the difference.

​Love is in the air

This is another example of how a bit of texture can go a long way to achieving a look that’s slightly out of the ordinary.

​Find comfort in a quilt

Products Cliq Designs

Quilted fabrics have been historically associated with comfort for many good reasons. They’re comfortable, soft and extra warm, and they bring a touch of home to even hotel rooms and impersonal spaces. The throw shown here proves that a quilt can be modern; it doesn’t need to be all home-knitted patches and countryside kitsch.

​A touch of the tropics

homify: modern tarz , Modern Pamuklu Kırmızı

This bright and zesty set brings tropical brightness into this otherwise sedate room. Sleeping beneath this sunshine-filled duvet, it’s hard to imagine not waking up happy.

​Just something I threw together

Colefax and Fowler with blue azure velvet and Harris Tweed quilt Quilts by Lisa Watson Eklektik
Quilts by Lisa Watson

Colefax and Fowler with blue azure velvet and Harris Tweed quilt

Quilts by Lisa Watson

Adding a throw to your bed can change the whole feel of a space. In this case the throw in question is very traditional, with the big floral print that forms its border. This makes the room seem significantly more welcoming than it would if the bed had only white sheets.

​Silky and sultry

This summery, Asian-influenced set mixes clashing colours to great effect, resulting in a laid-back style that looks casually thrown together but in fact took plenty of careful planning.

Modern Evler Casas inHAUS Modern

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