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8 secrets to the perfect minimal interior

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Minimal interiors – most of us know them well. And for the bulk of minimalist dwellings they represent refinement, chic aesthetic sensibilities, and an effortless way to provide a sleek, impressive and timeless design style within the home. If you aren't familiar with this uber-cool decorating and design scheme, it is a pared-back trend that focuses on working with negative space, elegant lighting, and an interaction between the design and its occupant. 

Timeless, graceful, open to a range of different interpretations and wonderfully in-vogue, minimalism is a no-brainer when it comes to decorating your abode. To provide you with a few lovely examples, stylish demonstrations and simple yet fashionable spaces, we've collated 8 of our favourite minimalist interiors. Read on below to check them out, and perhaps glean a few ideas for your own house or apartment. 

1. A simple room of contrasts

This spacious and well-decorated minimalist interior makes a bold statement through simple lines and smooth curves. The black joinery is paired against a white ceiling and floor, evocative of yin and yang principles. 

Simple and effective, the elegant kitchen and dining room design offers contrast and a contemporary aesthetic that is both timeless and tasteful. 

2. Ultra-minimalist Japanese-style room

Taking elements of traditional design and juxtaposing them against more contemporary features, this ultra-minimalist room features an all-white colour palette, and is virtually free from distractions and ornamentation. 

The simple space is replete with a single floor mat, and offers the occupant ample natural light through the large glazed wall openings. With an individual indoor plant, this room should feel sparse and unwelcoming, but is surprisingly serene and warm. 

3. Opting for minimalist furniture

In this next design, the interior decorators have opted for a single set of seats, instead of a large sofa. Due to the compact size of the room, the choice to include individual pieces of furniture has worked in the room's favour, ensuring it doesn't feel crowded, but rather welcoming and open. 

4. Making the most of an impressive view

In this minimalist room, designers have utilised the panoramic view outside to provide interest and intrigue. By keeping the interior simple, white and relatively unadorned, focus shifts to the idyllic scene beyond.

5. A simple room with an atrium-style ceiling

Minimalist interiors don't necessarily have to be white, they can also encompass a range of different tones and hues. In this room, the atrium style ceiling brings a huge volume of natural illumination, while the timber tones add warmth and a welcoming allure.

6. A romantic minimalist bedroom

Many peoples' perceptions of a minimalist room include stark, austere and often spartan aesthetics, but they can actually offer quite the opposite in ambience. 

7. Modern minimalism

Working on creating a modern minimalist abode can often seem daunting and challenging. However, there are a few simple things that can often result in an effective space, despite hesitation or a lack of design experience. Lighting is a major consideration when implementing a minimalist scheme in your home, contributing to the feel and aura of the space. 

Take some cues from this modern minimal room, and opt for subtle indirect lights, focusing on interesting fittings, which create a certain mood or ambience. 

8. A stylish and effective bathroom

For our final minimalist interior we head inside a gorgeous Hong Kong home to check out the neat, tidy and inspirational bathroom. The colour scheme is a sleek white hue, paired with natural stone of the same colour. Mirrors have been used extensively, adding to the overall sense of spaciousness and airy atmosphere. 

Would you like to see some more fabulous home interiors? We recommend you check out: 5 Japanese gardens you'll want to explore and continue reading!

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