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A simple family home of lines

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Over the past decade, eco-products have become more and more popular as people try to make the effort to be kinder to the environment, as well as their wallets. But some people aren't content with stopping at solar panels on the roofs of their homes or switching to using a hybrid car. Instead, they have gone the extra mile in the name of eco-friendly living and have built some truly innovative homes that are mainly made out of natural materials. Today on homify 360, we're viewing one such house. Yogo Homes has done it again–using wood and stone, these architects fashioned a wonderfully minimalist home in Japan and in using these natural materials have created a calming and pure space. 

So come with us and explore and maybe you can get some inspiration for your home's design!

From the outside

The exterior of this home is rather plain, but that doesn't under mind its character. The façade is eggshell white and is grounded by the deep brown of the roof. The natural colour scheme creates a soothing atmosphere, just like the interior. 

The home and yard is enclosed in a stone wall, giving these residents optimal privacy, and is delicately decorated with a single small tree in front of the entrance. 

The entrance

The front door to the home is made of solid timber, just like the wooden fence leading up to it. The slits in the fence make the entryway brighter and the white amplifies the light that slips through, contributing to an airy and welcoming atmosphere. 

We really love the stone walkway here, too, and how it adds colour variation to the exterior. 

The kitchen

Inside the home, we have a similar neutral colour palette, but with lighter tones. The kitchen cabinets are made of natural and they complement the cream coloured floor tiles. 

The black mosaic tiles in the foreground also provide a nice contrast to these. This kitchen area was designed with minimalism in mind, meaning there are no unnecessary decorations overcrowding the space and contributes to an overall calming environment. 

The living area

When we turn around, we find ourselves in the living area. Huge sliding glass doors lead out to the terrace and let plenty of natural light brighten up the interior. 

This brightness is a big part of the minimalist design scheme. We also have two closets in this area, giving these residents great storage space.

Brick bathtub

In the bathroom, we have another great choice of natural materials to decorate the interior. Natural stone subway tiles were used here in a nice beige tone, creating the perfect soaking space. 

We love the window to the tree outside , which gives us the feeling of relaxing in nature. 

A nice rooftop terrace

We wanted to save the best for last on this tour. In addition to a beautifully designed minimal interior made from exquisite natural materials, there is also an unembellished yet elegant rooftop terrace with a small tree planted right in the centre. This space is the perfect relaxation zone–outside and in nature where you can gather your thoughts and unwind. But really, you could achieve that in any area of the home.

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