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An elegant family home with neutral colours

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Katie Malik Interiors:  tarz Oturma Odası
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Neutral colours bring an elegant quality to the interior. Their subtleness and delicacy have a way of naturally beautifying a room. Many are afraid to decorate with tones they consider to be cold and unwelcoming, but at it takes is a knack for the craft to pull it off, and the interior designers and decorators at Katie Malik Interiors certainly have that skill.

Today, we're showing you a home that uses subtle, soft, and elegant neutrals and textiles to create a sophisticated and welcoming interior. The designer's use of colour and texture fashioned a refined and modest atmosphere. Let's see just how they did it…

Crisp whites and cosy grey

Katie Malik Interiors:  tarz Oturma Odası
Katie Malik Interiors

Contemporary Living room

Katie Malik Interiors

Where some may fall flat with neutral interior decorating, these designers went above and beyond. Different textures and finishes were layered and hues of deep, yet subtle purples and blues add character and charm. 

There's a softness to the space because of the various cushions and cloth curtains, and that lovely plush rug certainly helps, too.

Drawing back the curtains

Katie Malik Interiors:  tarz Oturma Odası
Katie Malik Interiors

Contemporary living room

Katie Malik Interiors

With the cloth curtains fully pulled back, we are able to see just how bright the home gets during the day. These light neutrals make it easy for light to bounce around and highlight all of the artistic accents in the room.

The curious framed painting above the sofa adds a profound quality to the space and somehow complements the geometric accent pillows very well. 

Cosy and casual

Katie Malik Interiors:  tarz Oturma Odası
Katie Malik Interiors

Bespoke Scatter Cushions

Katie Malik Interiors

Luxury and comfort often go hand in hand, and that is especially true of these refined cushions. We can almost feel the softness of these subtly opulent pillows through this image.

Welcomingly chic

Katie Malik Interiors:  tarz Yemek Odası
Katie Malik Interiors

Contemporary Dining Room

Katie Malik Interiors

It's easy to fall in love with this classic dining set. Just imagine yourself sitting in style and comfort on those cushiony chairs and eating a delicious home-cooked meal at that grandiose glass table. 

Set the mood by lighting the candles and that ordinary flower centre piece becomes an elegant accent to a romantic evening.

Alluring bedroom

Katie Malik Interiors:  tarz Yatak Odası
Katie Malik Interiors

Contemporary Bedroom

Katie Malik Interiors

As you might expect, the bedroom is just as inviting as the living areas. The same white and neutral tones are used to decorate the space, but the accents in this room are lighter. Here, our pillows and throws maintain a brighter atmosphere, which is more soothing. These interior designers really know how to make seemingly emotionless tones create the most calming and sophisticated spaces.

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