14 small, cosy homes that even the super rich would want to live in!

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14 small, cosy homes that even the super rich would want to live in!

Leigh Leigh
Kwint architecten:  tarz Evler, Kırsal/Country
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Small homes are completely underrated! In today's modern society, less is more with more and more people trading in mansions for smart and savvy family homes that are as innovative as they are comfortable and cosy.

Even the wealthier section of the population are catching onto this trend, reducing their carbon footprint in favour of homes that are charming and trendy.

This is why today at homify, we've put together 14 small and cosy homes that even the super rich will find gorgeous and appealing. This project is also proof that the top design professionals from around the world are opting for savvy spaces rather than large monstrosities. 

Are you ready to tour these impressive little homes?

1. Industrial chic

This little home features corrugated iron as its main material, which makes for a very trendy and industrial chic design. The skylights also ensure that natural light flows through the interiors, which means less artificial heating and brighter and lighter rooms.

2. Scandinavian design

With Scandinavian design, less is more. Opt for a minimalist design that screams class and style.

3. The little shed house

Have you ever seen something so cute? Bold colours work beautifully with a small home, ensuring that it turns heads despite its small size. This is a great example of how dynamite comes in small packages.

4. The wooden home

Facit Homes:  tarz Ahşap ev, Modern
Facit Homes

Timber Clad Exterior

Facit Homes

Pairing a wooden facade with a modern structure makes for a very appealing design.

5. Monochrome tones

Use monochrome tones for a small and cute home to create a very elegant design.

6. Unusual shapes

In this design, by Patrick Bradley Architects, we can see how small homes provide an opportunity for playing with space, shapes and volumes. 

7. The traditional home

If you prefer a more classic look and feel, opt for a traditional home with a beautiful garden. Down scaling can be sweet and savvy all at the same time.

8. Traditional meets funky

The Wee House Company:  tarz Evler, Kırsal/Country
The Wee House Company

One Bedroom Bespoke Wee House

The Wee House Company

You can also keep the traditional shape of a home, introducing some contemporary elements such as bold colours or dynamic patterns.

9. The lake house

Organic Roofs:  tarz Evler, Modern
Organic Roofs

Commercial and public green roofs

Organic Roofs

This is simply extraordinary with a garden on the roof, which enhances the wooden facade. This is a very earthy and warm home that takes green to a whole new level.

10. Work in harmony with the landscape

Many designers are now opting to mould their homes into the landscape rather than create brand new structures that destroy the environment.

11. The little block house

This project is simple, sophisticated and sleek all at the same time, while taking up very little space.

12. Hard to reach places

Affleck Property Services:  tarz Evler, Modern
Affleck Property Services

Side extension build in timber frame

Affleck Property Services

Even a little nook between two houses can be converted into a modern and trendy little home, complete with its own terrace.

13. On wheels

Plankbridge:  tarz Evler, Kırsal/Country

This little home is not only gorgeous, but it's mobile too!

14. Take on new heights

homify:  tarz Evler, Modern

Beach Hampton


This small home takes on new dimensions with its innovative shape and unique design. This is a true show stopper.

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Casas inHAUS:  tarz Evler, Modern

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