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14 easy ways to have a modern kitchen

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Trying to modernise a kitchen that's already in place isn't always an easy task, but we've compiled some tips (kitchen planner-approved, of course) that will make it far less of an uphill task. 

You can obviously change your door fronts, or upgrade certain items that will always be on show, but we identified those key installations that drag a kitchen down from fab to drab. 

If you've got a bit of budget saved up to give your kitchen a more modern feel, see which of these great tips would have the biggest impact in your home!

1. Install a high-quality bench with integrated appliances

Freestanding cookers are so last century, so get with the times and have an integrated version, complete with a countertop hob and/or grill installed. 

They're so much easier to use and keep clean as food doesn't have anywhere to get lost!

2. Choose a ceramic hob for contemporary lines and easy cleaning

Engel & Voelkers Bodrum Engel & Völkers Bodrum Modern Mutfak
Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Engel & Voelkers Bodrum

Engel & Völkers Bodrum

If you're installing an integrated hob, you may as well go the whole hog and plump for a ceramic one. 

So cutting edge, they're fantastically energy-efficient, take no time to heat up and are super easy to clean. Remember that modern styling usually likes sleek lines and you can't get much more sleek than ceramic.

3. Keep appliances as small as possible to maximise usable space

While we're talking about appliances, you don't need to get the biggest version out there for people to know you have a modern kitchen. In fact, the smaller your appliances, the more contemporary your space will actually look. 

Plus, you'll free up lots of room for storage.

4. Use every inch of space

Old-fashioned kitchens would always have weird little dead spaces (such as corners) but in a modern incarnation, every bit of available room should have a function and look great. 

Build right into your corners and even install extra wall shelves to get the most from your space.

5. Try to squeeze in a breakfast bar

A breakfast bar is the must have kitchen item of the moment so try to squeeze one in if possible. 

Remember that the non-kitchen side of a worktop will do the trick, with some classy stools also in place. Also, while you're at it, add some high wall shelves to gain a little extra storage capacity.

6. Natural stone worktops will never date

Natural stone might be a classic but it's also something that will look fresh and modern forever. 

Choose a neutral colour and nobody will ever be able to assign it to an era and, in case you need further convincing, one easy wipe and everything comes straight off!

7. Make space for some flashy accessories

There's no shame in admitting you love a little bling here and there, but have you ever thought about your kitchen in terms of flashy accessories? You should! 

A modern space will always have something – whether it's a designer knife rack of fabulous kitchen lighting – that sets it apart from every other room.

8. Look for the latest space-saving gadgets

We love an innovative kitchen gadget or two, but in a modern kitchen they're all about saving space and making things seem more integrated. 

Hidden plug socket towers and sunken knife racks are just two of countless incredible innovations that will upgrade your kitchen in a flash!

9. Make a deliberate feature of your extractor hood

Gone are the days when you'd want to hide your extractor hood away. Nowadays some of them are nothing short of art!

Sweeping metal installations can add a touch of the avant garde to your kitchen, oozing such a modern vibe your space will instantly stand up and take notice.

10. Include easy ways for extending your worktop

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS Schmidt Palmers Green İskandinav Mutfak
Schmidt Palmers Green

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS

Schmidt Palmers Green

It's the clever touches that separate an old hat kitchen from one of the more modern masterpieces out there.

This extending worktop borders on genius and is a perfect example! There when you need it and hidden when you don't, it's like having a secret extra cutting board at your beck and call.

11. Invest in bespoke drawer dividers

Yes, you can buy standard drawer dividers but is that really modern, trendy and cool enough? 

Call in the carpenters and have something made to fit your specific knives and cutlery and your friends will be green with modern kitchen envy!

12. Marble's timeless appeal

Let's not forget about marble. You might think it's the steadfast material of older properties but it also looks great with modern materials.

The perfect way to upgrade your kitchen, replacing a tired old melamine worktop with a slab of marble will be an instant facelift.

13. Make the space multifunctional

Have you noticed that modern kitchens always seem to be multifunctional?

A kitchen is never just a kitchen any more! It's a kitchen, a dining room, plus a casual dining spot with a breakfast bar and an art gallery to boot. We love the added functions, so don't neglect to add extra potential to your space.

14. Splash out on funky crockery and cutlery

The little details are what give away your commitment to having a modern kitchen, so don't fall at the last hurdle! 

Choose beautiful bespoke crockery and cutlery to hammer home the point yours is a kitchen unlike any other and is as stylish as it is contemporary and unique.

For more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 15 absurdly easy kitchen DIYs that only look expensive.

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