13 wooden wall ideas you can recreate at home

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13 wooden wall ideas you can recreate at home

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Wood is such a fantastic material, given that it comes in an amazing variety of styles and colours, so it's absolutely perfect for creating a feature wall! Whether you want to add some serious style to your garden or an interior space, wood really is the way to go, especially considering that it has such timeless appeal. Let's say that you asked your interior designer to come up with a fabulous feature wall design now, in 10 years time, tile fashions might have changed and wallpaper might look dated, but wood, well that's a stalwart choice that will only ever get better with time! Come with us now as we take a look at some amazing ways to use wood in your home!

1. Out on the terrace as a herb garden backdrop.

Wow! Don't you think this terrace is amazing? What a great way to add some garden privacy, style and cover up boring walls, all in one hit! Mounting pretty pots full of handy kitchen herbs is an inspired touch too!

2. As a television backdrop.

homify:  tarz Oturma Odası,

In an otherwise all-white room, a smooth wooden television backdrop really adds a touch of natural warmth and elegance. Just look at how much it's transformed this space!

3. As a mosaic instead of tiles.

Mosaic tiles are great, but for a variation on a tried and tested theme, wood mosaics are a wonderful alternative. We could imagine this looking exceptionally stylish in a modern kitchen.

4. As an incredible headboard!

For a rustic bedroom accessory, why not consider an upcycled wooden headboard for your bed? This uneven example really looks beautiful and adds some extra texture to an already pretty space.

5. To add luxury to a formal dining space.

Formal dining rooms always look like they really mean business and with a wooden wall, they are next level amazing! The dark tones here work so well with the rest of the furniture!

6. To add texture to a flat wall.

If normal flat walls aren't quite lighting your interior design fire enough, multifaceted wooden walls could be the perfect choice for you. As an added bonus, they would disguise bad quality plaster too!

7. In the Scandinavian style.

homify:  tarz Oturma Odası,

Pale, untreated wood will always make us think of Scandinavian design and that's no bad thing, considering how popular that is right now! With some funky furniture added, it is the perfect background for audacious styling.

8. To create a rustic bathroom!

This bathroom looks so inviting! Shower time certainly wouldn't be a chore if you had a room as full of character and warmth as this one, would it? The chunky log finish adds such a cabin feel too!

9. As a way to embrace some ski-lodge chic.

Ardesia Design:  tarz Oturma Odası,
Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a home that makes you feel as though you are permanently on holiday. You wouldn't need to imagine it if you had natural wood covering every interior surface, like this incredible space!

10. For a romantic and rustic kitchen.

Rustic kitchens will always be in style, as they create that 'hub of the home' feel that so many of us are keen to capture. With hand-painted tiles and country style furniture in place, this log-lined kitchen is a rural dream!

11. To bring a new material into your façade.

It's not just the inside of your home that will flourish with some natural wood, as your façade will look phenomenal with some wooden cladding too. The richness of this hue is perfect for any style of building.

12. As a super stylish front door alternative.

Applelec:  tarz Pencere,

Outdoor illuminated doorframe


Modern front doors have come a long way and we are really enjoying the chunky, almost industrial-style wooden versions that are gaining a lot of popularity. They offer a perfect compromise between secure and welcoming.

13. To create the most zen bedroom of all time!

homify:  tarz Yatak Odası,

Sam's Creek


What can we say about this bedroom, other than WOW? The total encapsulation through wood feels so zen and relaxing that you'd have to work very hard to get a bad night's sleep here!

For a little extra wood-fuelled inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Taking care of wood.

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