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With the frenzied and frenetic pace of city living, it is no wonder more and more people are choosing to relocate to the countryside. The country life brings fresher air, less pollution, a decreased pace of life, and sense of community that the hectic and rushed city life is often missing. With more individuals, couples, and families making the move to more rural pastures, barn conversions are becoming a popular and efficient manner of restoring a traditional building, and the added ability to get creative with one’s space. Perhaps one of the greatest and most attractive elements of a barn conversion is the ability to juxtapose heritage and history with contemporary conveniences and finishes, often into a very large or colossal-sized home.  

But where to start when dealing with an old, run-down, potentially dilapidated structure? Employing a specialist is a good start, an architect who has experience working with conversions, or perhaps a designer with a history of converting heritage properties. If you are considering a barn conversion, get a little added inspiration from the examples below, or start planning your countryside relocation today!

Modern convenient living

This stylish barn conversion traverses the line between comfort, elegance and quaint country simplicity. In this example, we see a wonderfully modern dwelling, which at first glance, looks an elegant country home. Upon further inspection, it can be see that this abode is something special, a stylish and effective barn conversion, utilising the shape and form of the original structure to create an individual and original property.

Cosy and classy barn

Within this home, the attic space has been transformed into a cosy living area replete with wood burning fire, sumptuous leather seating, and rustic timber-beam ceiling. Added to this, the original stone wall provides a sense of history and charm to the lounge room, and creates character and an element of luxurious country living.

Traditional and impressive

Photography - barn conversion in Sawbridgeworth Adelina Iliev Photography Modern Evler
Adelina Iliev Photography

Photography – barn conversion in Sawbridgeworth

Adelina Iliev Photography

Truly one of the finest modern barn conversions, this mammoth dwelling is as stunning as it is imposing—with a gloriously impressive walkway leading to the large entry, this home blends all of the wonderful elements of rustic barn living with manicured perfection. The garden lawns are trimmed and the shrubs are pruned, this home utilises its large ceiling space, and rough charcoal timber cladding to emphasise the history and raw individuality of its design.

Gorgeous rustic living

Photography - barn conversion in Sawbridgeworth Adelina Iliev Photography Modern Multimedya Odası
Adelina Iliev Photography

Photography – barn conversion in Sawbridgeworth

Adelina Iliev Photography

Within this barn conversion, the interior is light, modern and character-filled—this barn blends traditional rustic living with all the contemporary conveniences that a family home requires. The mezzanine living space shown in this example illustrates how the raw timber beams are coordinated and contrasted against the sleek lines of the balcony walls, and the glass stairway encourages a sense of movement throughout the upstairs and downstairs.

Hints of originality

One of the best elements of a barn conversion is its ability to take the rustic history of yesteryear and combine it with the modern luxuries of contemporary living. This space does just that—the fresh white painted stone walls are coordinated with sturdy timber furniture, warm textiles and contemporary lighting, creating a sense of cosiness and warmth within a large and open space.

Modern architecture

This exterior view of a modern barn conversion illustrates the beautiful ability of architecture to blend the old with the new—the rustic stone and brick walls are interposed with sleek angular steel and plentiful glossy glass, creating a construction that is age-defying and original.

New construction

KROPKA STUDIO'S PROJECT Kropka Studio Modern Evler
Kropka Studio


Kropka Studio

These days, the idea of barn-style living has become so popular that new construction emulates the style and design of traditional and heritage barns. This modern build utilises the best parts of shape and form, and intersperses them with more contemporary elements. The large steel fenced area reminds the viewer of rusty and aged farmyard elements; the external walls are gabions, or packed stones, incorporating a modern touch, whilst the design tips it’s cap to more traditional construction methods. This beautiful design creates a home that is sympathetic to the surrounding countryside and is gorgeously stylish.

Would you like to see more? Check out the following ideabooks below, for extra inspiration!

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