6 smart space saving tips for those with small homes

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6 smart space saving tips for those with small homes

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Minimalist Koridor, Hol & Merdivenler Urban Shaastra Minimalist
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A modern home is often a lot smaller than its traditional counterpart and therefore requires more intervention when it comes to creating space. In this edition of homify we take a look at 6 small apartments that may be compact in size, but they’re big on space saving tips that our team of interior designers are letting you in on today.

1. Niche space

This petite modern apartment sees a few simple niches acting as extra space. The kitchen fits perfectly into the home without impacting on walking space or décor.

The bedroom is located in another niche and shelves add simple storage above the bed.

2. The platform game

Walls limit the look of space in a small home, while platforms are an excellent choice to enhance a spacious looking interior, it’s like designating areas in the home to serve different functions and is great for a studio apartment.

The platform serves as extra slide out storage for those items that you don’t always need.

3. Railed door

Modern Mutfak Design Modern

Sliding doors are an excellent choice for a tiny living space as they don’t take up any extra centimetres when open, giving a home a loft-like feeling.

Eklektik Mutfak Design Eklektik

The sleeping quarter of the home is located on a mezzanine level and a metal ladder leads the way. How eclectic!

4. All angles

This apartment takes advantage of all angles, corners and niches to enhance storage. From the passage that leads the way to the living room and even the stairs that can be used as extra seating for those full house nights.

The staircase heading to the basement level acts as a utility closet with shelves and drawers to store extra items and accessories.

5. Points of view

The kitchen and dining area of this studio apartment is located in the same zone. The kitchen acts as a divider between the bedroom and living space.

Front view of the chic and minimalist kitchen unit.

This is a closer look at the micro bedroom located behind the kitchen, it’s drenched in light enhancing a relaxing atmosphere.

6. Cylindrical structure

The apartment is spread over three levels, but if you look closely you’ll see a cylinder that connects all the levels vertically occupying minimal space, the mezzanine level is an awesome way to add extra storage for those high ceiling homes. Have a look at these 25 beautiful and easy to copy ideas for your wardrobe if you're in need of more storage tips.

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