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10 bedroom design details your boudoir needs

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We all know that interior design is as much about personal taste as it is current trends, but if you are about to change up your bedroom, we have a few pointers that will let you get the absolute best out of it. Interior designers know that creating the right ambiance in your bedroom is key to a beautiful, relaxing and enjoyable space and there are a host of inclusions that can really capture the perfect feel, instantly. If you like a prescriptive list of motifs to include in your design schemes, we are going to make it so easy for you today, in terms of bedroom design, so come with us now as we tell you about all the things your bedroom can't live without!

1. A luxury rug.

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Who wants to jump out of bed and find their feet touching a cold floor? Not us! You can avoid that mishap and add swathes of luxury to your bedroom by choosing a stunning, deep pile rug that will really finish the space off! Just make sure that you anchor it under your bed, for a professional look.

2. Somewhere to sit.

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We know that most of your bedroom time will be spent laying in bed, but when you need to relax or pop some shoes on, a handy seat certainly helps! Not only that, you can lay your clothes on it and enjoy a little extra convenience in terms of not having to search for things in your wardrobe, in the morning.

3. A designer headboard.

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What is a bedroom without a truly spectacular bed? Of course, comfort plays a role, so you need to invest in a good mattress and quality linens, but an eye-catching headboard is absolutely essential. Over sized varieties seem super popular right now too!

4. Lighting within easy reach.

Modern Yatak Odası Conexo. Modern Masif Ahşap Rengarenk

Main lighting is great for proper visibility but when you want to create a more snugly and romantic vibe, you know that table lamps are key! Have one on each side of your bed, within arm's reach and you can control the ambiance so easily. Consider some candles as well!

5. A chic color scheme.

Modern Yatak Odası Conexo. Modern Masif Ahşap Rengarenk

You might be tempted to go all out with some bright color in your bedroom, but never lose sight of the functionality of the space; to be a relaxing sleep zone! With that in mind, you need to think about chic, classic and more neutral designs and we think that monochrome is as striking as it is sleepy!

6. A little bit of art.

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Don't forget to add some of your own unique personality into your bedroom design scheme! We think that art is one of the most personal purchases you can make, which is why you need to get your investments framed and up on the wall! Pop some above your headboard and you'll ensure that all eyes are directed towards the bed itself.

7. Fresh flowers everywhere.

Modern Yatak Odası Conexo. Modern Masif Ahşap Rengarenk

For a fresh and romantic bedroom, you need to commit to buying some fresh flowers for your bedroom every week. Simple vases, filled with pretty blooms, will make your boudoir look, feel and smell so gorgeous and in an otherwise finished room, they add such an extra touch of charm.

8. A plethora of textiles.

Modern Yatak Odası Conexo. Modern Masif Ahşap Rengarenk

Don;t just buy yourself some nice bed sheets and think that you're done, as for a really stunning and cozy bedroom, you need to invest in some extra textile pieces. Throw pillows, large blankets and comforters will all provide the layered look that looks so designer and, you'll be more comfortable in bed than you ever thought possible.

9. Some natural wood.

Modern Yatak Odası Conexo. Modern Masif Ahşap Rengarenk

When you want to put together a bedroom that will stand the test of time, you simply need to make room for a little natural wood. Whether you select a wooden bed, side tables or even just a single piece of vintage storage furniture, it will add so much depth and warmth to your room.

10. Light-reflecting mirrors.

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For your final finishing flourish, get yourself a couple of beautiful mirrors for your bedroom, as they will reflect all the natural light into every crevice and corner and keep your space feeling fresh and revived. These round ones look so eclectic and fun!

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