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33 fascinating entrance designs to get inspired

Minimalist Pencere & Kapılar Base-Arquitectura Minimalist
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The entrance is the face of your home, the first thing visible to the visitors. Warm, welcoming and fascinating entrance speaks a lot about your personality. A beautiful entrance leaves a lasting impression on your guests. So why not deck it up? We have carefully selected and compiled 33 entrance designs to fascinate you. There is variation in designs. They are modern, rustic, classic, minimalist… but all are enchanting. We are sure that these entrance ideas by our professionals in Homify are beautiful enough to inspire you. Have a look and get inspired!

1. An amazing combination of stone, wood and colorful wall. This captivating design will give your entrance a modern and stylish touch.

2. A facade with the lattice work wall for some privacy. This patterned wall will never go out of style.

The playful pattern of light and shadow created by the lattice work on the wall.

3. A simple entrance: the classic combination of black and white, stone paved floor and plants in pots.

Modern Evler homify Modern

4. Open brick walls, slanting roof, eye-catching tiles, and lamps guarding the wooden doors. It’s a colorful facade!

5. Stone and wood in the entrance gives it a warm and welcoming look

Stone in its natural form naturally looks beautiful!

7. A stylish entrance showing your personality

8. Simple is elegant

Minimalist Evler homify Minimalist

9. A magnificent staircase climbing up to your beautiful home

Modern Evler homify Modern

10. Planters guiding the way

If you are looking for more ideas to decorate the entrance with planters, you will love it: 14 Ideas to decorate the entrance of your home with planters 

11. The shadow of the metal porch

12. Stone walls, concrete porch and steel railings

Minimalist Bahçe homify Minimalist Kumtaşı

13. When a gate is between the road and the entrance of your home

14. The vertical fantasy of your imagination

15. An arched facade with cool fountain in the center and lots of greenery around. This is fresh and welcoming!

Fountains are beautiful! For more ideas visit:14 modern fountains for small patios or entrances

16. A beautiful garden adorning the entrance

Looking to create a garden at your entrance? Here is the inspiration: 29 garden ideas to beautify your home entrance

17. A concrete porch for the protection from sun and rain

18. Stone-covered wall, it will never go wrong

19. A blast of color: even the strangers will stop and stare for a while

20. All in one: wood, stone, colorful wall and green garden

22. Stone paved walkway to the entrance guarded by beautiful lawn

Tropikal Evler homify Tropikal

23. Wooden floor, wooden porch, wooden doors: it’s classic

24. A flowery pathway to the country style home

Kırsal Balkon, Veranda & Teras homify Kırsal/Country

25. An elegant entrance beautified by planters and plants

26. Beautiful green lawn peeping from white stones: it will be a refreshing walk

27. A beautiful synchronization of colors!

28. A wooden bridge across the water leading you to a small and beautiful entrance

Kolonyal Evler homify Kolonyal

29. The splash of colors for that traditional Indian hospitality

30. Paneled wooden door, small planter and stone pathway, it’s attractive

31. The panels of concrete hanging from above grab all the attention and look fabulous.

33. Curvy stairs to your home

For more ideas for the entrance of your home, click here.

Modern Evler Casas inHAUS Modern

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