6 dream projects that are perfect for the Asian family

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6 dream projects that are perfect for the Asian family

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yücel partners – Villa Gürsoy:  tarz Evler, Kırsal/Country
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Try to think about what your perfect family home would look like and you may draw a bit of a blank. You'll know how many bedrooms you need and probably even what style of kitchen would be ideal, but what about the exterior of the home? Do you know how many floors you'd like to live over, what construction method you'd like best or even, what façade finish would be just the ticket? Luckily, architects are absolute geniuses when it comes to creating cohesive family homes that work with their surroundings and simultaneously stand out, thanks to incredible design features and today, we are going to show you six very different types of family homes, to give you some inspiration. Just try to remember that you only need one house though, as we think you'll love and want ALL of these lovely properties!

1. Wonderful white.

With classic, simple lines, a majestic boxy design and fantastic sociable features, such as a balcony AND a terrace, this is a gorgeous family home that has taken some serious inspiration from traditional buildings. The white finish looks so homely and fresh, not to mention unfussy and modest.

2. Classic red brick.

yücel partners – GÜRSOY COTTAGE:  tarz Evler, Kırsal/Country Ahşap-Plastik Kompozit
yücel partners


yücel partners

You can't ever go wrong with red brick homes, as they are such a steadfast classic. Adding natural warmth and character to a home, leaving the bones of the building exposed, as appose to rendered, adds so much in terms of stunning colours and finishes and makes for a straightforward construction process too. 

3. Wow-factor wood.

Wooden homes aren't exactly a new innovation, but we had to show you this beautiful example, which has been expertly clad and painted in a stunning pastel colour! This would be perfect for any family that loves colour and wants to make a serious splash with their home design, without needing complicated architecture!

4. Natural style.

If wooden homes always appeal to you, but you don't fancy the idea of painting them in a colour that garners a lot of attention, we think this natural cabin will be ideal for you! Rich and luxurious, thanks to the protective stain that has been added to the exterior, this home looks traditional, cosy and comfortable, not to mention elegant and a little rustic. What a lot for one house to encapsulate!

5. Smooth and organic.

NUUN MİMARLIK – K.M EVİ, SAKARYA:  tarz Garaj / Hangar, Modern



We're not down on render, as you can clearly see how phenomenal it can look here! A bricks and mortar build has been expertly smoothed out and finished here, with a coat of external render and a wonderfully understated beige paint scheme. The result, is that a charming home really allows the garden to be the focal point, which would be amazing for any of you that have a green thumb!

6. Bold and beautiful.




WOW! How about this for a bold family home? THere's no rules that say you can't paint your house black and here, you can see that it won't result in a gothic mansion that scares visitors away! With white window frames and plenty of glazing, this black exterior simple looks contemporary and stylish and we are a little jealous of the confidence the owners had!

For more family home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 20 fantastic family homes to inspire your next build.

Casas inHAUS:  tarz Evler, Modern

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