An edgy suburban home

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An edgy suburban home

Luke Riley Luke Riley
Lipton Plant Architects:  tarz Mutfak
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An emerging house feature we've noticed on homify is the blank brick wall façade. It's a look that may divide opinion, however, no matter if you like it or not, few can deny that the look of the blank brick wall is something unique. So why are people choosing to go for this design feature on their new homes? Firstly, there's something pure about the appearance of brickwork. Not to mention they can be used as an effective means of emphasising a homes shape, form, and architectural style. Lastly, some people genuinely like the appearance.  

A unique new home

From the street-view, despite its appearance, the home still manages to fit comfortably amongst its more traditional neighbours. Perhaps, this is due to the fact that both neighbouring homes utilise bricks as their main material choice. In isolation, the new homes minimalist design is undeniably sophisticated. The blank brick wall is devoid of any detailing resulting in a greater appreciation for the homes symmetry. 

Allowing the light in

From this perspective we can greater appreciate lipton plant architects design. Take note of the position of the window of the nearest side. This window was made possible by the building being set-back by a certain distance away from the neighbouring properties border. By working the angle effectively, internally the home can receive light from an angle that would normally not be permissible if the home design followed conventional design. 

All opened up

As with the exterior of the residence, the living spaces were designed to keep a focus upon clean symmetrical looks. Shades of light tones are prominent, while an introduction of bolder shapes have been made through the built features such as the working surface and staircase at the rear. At this stage the living room has been kept open to create the feeling of space. 

A quirky feature

Joining the two levels of the home is a fascinating custom-built staircase. Its twisting and folding form combines the look of natural timber for the barriers and pure white paint of the steps. 

Utilising all the natural light

Half way up the stairs you will find a landing. It's only a small space, but as you can see in the photograph, it's a perfect space to sit with a book in hand and to make use of the natural light from the tall window. 

Overall it's a home that certainly doesn't conform to the standard design processes. If homes such as this one interest you, then perhaps click the link below to see another home that pushes the boundaries of home design. 

A cedar-clad contemporary house

Casas inHAUS:  tarz Evler

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