3 old garages get a new lease of life

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3 old garages get a new lease of life

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garage can be a handy addition to any home – just ask your architect! - but in terms of being put to great use, these fantastic extra elements are often woefully underused. Sure, you can store a lot of junk in there, or your car, but in terms of opening up your home and making for a really striking piece of architecture, you might be better off thinking about a garage conversion. Becoming a little more common, these amazing and innovative techniques for enlarging a home really can look incredible, but don't take our word for it; come and see three brilliant projects that we've found! We know you'll be seriously tempted to rethink your garage after seeing these!

1. Before: big proportions.

Well, you can't deny that this garage was huge! Unfortunately, it was also tatty, boring and not being put to good use! All that changed though, as there was potential for something far more chic!

After: inspired use of space!

WOW! Who would have thought that a standard double garage could be turned into an absolutely incredible ground floor kitchen and dining room? It's such an amazing idea and, when you think about it, makes perfect sense! You actually can't tell what this space used to be at all. 

2. Before: living room adjacent.

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Now here's an interesting predicament! Following mews style houses, this home had a garage that sat right next to the living room, but the practical addition of a car store had a negative impact on the home's interior proportions. That had to change and boy, did it!

After: open-plan re-design.

IS AND REN STUDIOS LTD :  tarz Oturma Odası, Modern



Incredible! The way that this living room has doubled in size, not to mention style, is just so inspiring that we bet the owners here wondered why they waited so long to get this projects started! It seems strange that removing a normally coveted feature has actually made this house so much more envy-inducing!

3. Before: dingy and dark.

Can you really call a room this size a mere garage? Technically, that's what it is, but the doom and gloom inside is nothing short of scary! having seen what other people have done with far smaller garages spaces, we are expecting a lot from this transformation!

After: light and loft-style.

Well this doesn't disappoint, at all! Is it a trendy garage, a living room, a courtyard or all three? The mix of bright white walls and crystal clear glass has drenched what was a dark spot in sunlight and the fact that there is still a car in here is insane! Insanely good, that is!

For more garage inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Your handy guide to garage harmony.

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