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21 beautiful, simple and modern kitchens

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A kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s a place not only where food is prepared, but also an excellent space for pleasant conversation that creates stronger bonds among the members of the family. The kitchen additionally serves as an area that extends and accentuates warmth and homeliness throughout the entire residence. Today, in homify, we bring you this ideabook with 10 simple and tastefully designed kitchens completed by professionals. We are sure they will inspire you to transform this important space in your own house. Come and see the designs!

​1. Light colours

A kitchen with soft and light tones, like that of the wood used in this design, has a beautiful aesthetic and unique warmth.

2. Spaciousness of white

White walls and cabinetry, combined with wood on the floors and other elements as well as excellent natural lighting, make the kitchen look much more spacious.

3. Natural wood

Opt for a natural wooden bar as it adds a rustic element to the kitchen. You cannot go wrong with decorating the space with a wooden table in a reddish tone, eclectic lighting and white furniture.

4. The beauty of grey

Grey kitchen furniture in a retro style is elegant and attractive, while a contrasting turquoise on the backsplash, brings a unique look.

5. L-shaped

An open kitchen may require more planning, especially if space is limited. An L-shaped kitchen takes full advantage of the space available for storage and for creating a quaint dining room that blends with the decor and design.

6. With a large table

A wooden table is an excellent way to include a feature that works as an additional workspace for preparing and serving food.

7. An elongated bar

This large extended bar can accommodate many diners at a time, while fully coexisting with the kitchen and the living area.

8. A bit of sophistication

If you like sophisticated and creative decor, these dark wood kitchen cabinets are a wonderful solution for decorating your home. The combination and contrast with the white surfaces bring a lot of elegance to this beautiful kitchen.

9. Modern and simple style

This design presents a kitchen with a clearly modern style, with simple and well-maintained lines, but with rustic touches, such as the wooden countertop and the details in cabinet and drawer handles, which give it charm and a unique appeal.

10. Pretty and sober

Another simple solution for creating a modern and striking kitchen, without spending too much, is to combine modern white cabinets with black countertops. This contrast is a classic combination that rarely fails.

11. In black

An all-black kitchen is very elegant, distinguished and visually stunning.

12. With ample storage space

One of the features that makes a  kitchen a totally pleasant and functional space is the presence of different storage areas so that the space is always tidy and well organized, with all the utensils and food well-stored and within easy reach.

13. Excellent lighting

A very important aspect of kitchen design is the lighting, both natural and artificial. It is always preferable to have the dishwashing area next to a window, creating a greater sense of spaciousness within the area. As for artificial light, strategically placed lights not only provide better visibility, but also contribute to the ambiance of the kitchen.

14. The beauty of rustic wood

The use of wood without carving or painting, but with a treatment that makes it suitable for use inside a kitchen, gives a rustic as well as modern look that fills the space with great luminosity – something that is very important for working in the room.

15. In classic brick

A kitchen with walls, stove, oven and barbecue with a brick base has a rustic look that is quite original and to a certain extent, industrial, giving a new twist to this style. It’s unique and welcoming, a style that has become increasingly popular in homes around the world.

16. With stone

Stone is another material that can be used, apart from wood, to create a completely rustic look inside the kitchen, combining perfectly with other styles, as we can see in this kitchen with a modern design, where the rustic touch, adds unique charm.

17. The perfect combination

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Few combinations are as infallible as the blending of wood and stainless steel. This set of materials is so dynamic that it can be used almost in any style of design, with simply fabulous results, as they can be combined with other materials and colors.

18. Natural lighting

If you have the fortune of living in a climate where you can have large windows to let in natural light, you must do everything possible to capture as much as of it as you can since sunlight always gives a unique look and coziness to any kitchen.

19. Completely open

You can also have a fantastic kitchen if you open it fully to the outside, creating a direct contact with the natural environment that surrounds the house and making the space much more comfortable.

20. Open, but private

The stairs inside a two-storied house, can serve to define the space occupied by the kitchen. The stairs may appear to be at an unusual place, but it is a functional addition to the design of the house.

21. Small, but cozy

If everything is kept in order and there is sufficient space to store utensils, a small kitchen can be very cozy, not to mention functional and extremely practical for preparing food.

For more ideas on designing small kitchens see 29 design inspirations for your small kitchen.

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