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A simple and modern single storey home

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Single-Story houses have several unique advantages over their counterparts Some of them include the fact that since houses are typically built to last several years, not having stairs within a home makes it convenient for you to grow old in them. Secondly, small families with little children find it safe and comfortable. Such houses can very conveniently be built in smaller spaces and can be easily identified for their timeless simplicity. This home designed by BiuroProjektowe MTM Style is proof that you can make a simple home look grand and luxurious as well.

Gorgeous Facade

A broad view of the façade of the house gives an idea of how this space has been made to match the present and also make way for the future as well. A paved pathway to the garage of the house is well bordered by young conifer trees which will naturally grow out in time.

A wonderful view

The use of natural elements such as the grey tiles and stones along with the greenery all around the home makes for a pleasing and beautiful view. The same grey tiles have been used to support the roof on the porch making the design look complete and continuous.

A warm and Spacious Welcome

The narrow space inviting you into the home is transformed into a wide-open space and this is thanks to the glass doors on one side of the wall. This hides a large closet which makes space functional too.

Modern Dining Space

This open and airy space has been accentuated by same materials used all around the home. The wooden counter separates the classic kitchen from the dining. The glass table in the centre of the dining area keeps the design fluid and classic.

Organized Kitchen

The use of timber on one wall makes the place look cozy and comfortable while the all-white kitchen keeps the space clean and organized. It looks like there is plenty of room for the preparation of meals.

Futuristic Living Room

The beautiful open living room is modern and futuristic, thanks to the centre table design which goes well against the cappuccino-colored sofas. The minimalist approach keeps the modern and simple theme.

Unique wall

This bright green and unusual wall is a green wall that is both modern and functional. Not only does it contribute to better air around your home but adds an interesting element to the design.

Cool Bathroom

Using Asian-inspired accents on the wall, this bathroom is cool and looks like a perfect place to have a relaxing shower. The black and white theme complemented by the wood elements works to create a consistent look all around the house.

Compact Technical design of the House

The technical design of the house is proof that this home is everything that a functional and practical home should be.For more exciting home and interior ideas, be with us on the next tour-20 inspiring living room designs

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