14 ideas on how to decorate your home with hollows

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14 ideas on how to decorate your home with hollows

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In classical interior architecture, hollows are deeply loved by homeowners for their unique characteristics and sophisticated elegance that bring another dimension of interior designing into the room. Defined as a form that creates a hole or a depression in something, hollows are still greatly used in modern Filipino homes with more sleek and chic design ideas. Whether it's a classic modern arch on a wall or a cavern that highlights a statue, these empty spaces will fill your designing aspirations and will bring a whole, new different taste in modern interiors. 

Today at Homify, we bring you stunning ideas on how design and decorate your Filipino homes with these unique hollows. 

1. An eye-catching spot

Hollows are more than just empty spaces in your home -- turn them into focal points of the house by carving into blank walls, painting with a contrast color, placing a piece of decoration, and adding accent lighting fixtures. Your guests will surely take a second glance on this stunning spot. 

2. Highlight pretty ornamentals

Small potted blooms and free-standing plant decors can be placed anywhere in the house. As most are placed on counter tops, side tables, and simply just left sitting pretty on the floor, these ornamental decorations can be decorated on a another level. Build structures where you can make shallow boxes in wooden backdrops and place potted plants for that creative touch. You can also place free-standing plants in a bed of pebbles underneath the structure for a dramatic finish.

3. The classic arch

Any interior arch is an elegant design option, which adds to the functionality of the space and immediately becomes its focal point. As a structure that spans a space and supports structure and weight above it, it provides a structural function for the walls of your interiors. Moreover, arches create a luxurious atmosphere of ancient chic which enhances the elegance of home decorating. 

Follow this classic design and compliment the arched door with hollowed shelves in the walls. Paint your walls using a neutral color, preferably white for that added sophistication. 

4. Functional for storage

Hollows are not only to highlight decor, but to also provide function for storage. A good advantage of functional hollows is that it avoids shelves to go out of the outside invading part of the room but rather uses the space within the wall, making it both useful and space-saving. 

5. Minimalistic designs

In modern decorating, minimalism is also applied where sleek designs and neutral tones are highly showcased. In this design above, the feature of a hollow below the crisp glass window creates a posh and beautiful approach to minimalism. The natural pebbles and concrete ball decors blend perfectly with the black and gray combination. 

6. Spice up your corridors

While most narrow corridors tend to be understated, these areas of your house should still be decorated with beauty. Simply creating an elongated hollow, covered with wood with some other decorative elements will ultimately make a big difference in your hallways. 

7. Decorative lighting

Create the perfect backdrop for your small interior garden with a structural wall designed to have hollow lit boxes that illuminate the area. Add built-in accent lighting to the boxes to bring a striking glow to the room. 

8. A warm, cozy fireplace

Living in the coastal areas where the Philippine breeze just cools your home immediately? Warm up your place by installing a hollow into your wall and building a classic fireplace.

9. Modern-inspired gaps

Large, open gaps are hollows on a another level -- as large openings that break virtually all of a whole wall, these gaps create new spaces that generates an open flow and continuity from one room to another. Plus, its sturdy, sleek structures boasts a clean modern design that makes the interiors ravishing. 

10. Showcase works of art

Of course, a huge function of interior hollows is to provide a space for statues, figurines, vases, and other decorative fragile ornaments to be proudly displayed. Welcome your guests with a striking statuette or decorate your staircase with an ancient sculpture for a boost of beauty to your interiors. 

11. A welcoming entrance

Greet your guests with an inviting welcome to your home in the form of hollowed shelves built in the walls of your interiors. They'll surely appreciate the alluring personality they bring int the room along with its beautiful decorative pieces. 

12. Open spaces with rooms

Modern Koridor, Hol & Merdivenler ESPACEA Modern

Another design that creates a sense of openness to the room is shown on the picture above -- a smart, creative way of incorporating a hollow is by taking a part of the wall that structures your stairs and placing a little office area adjacent to it. 

13. Abstract designs

Modern interiors are all about up-to-date, edgy trends that bring a sleeker approach to the home, and this home interior says it all. Divided by an accent wall, the colors of the staircase create a harmonious flow with the structured sturdy hollow 

14. Turn it into a bookshelf

For more functionality ideas, think out of the box and go big with turning your hollowed shelves into a bookshelf. This design above blends perfectly as the staircase and hollow-inspired bookshelf is built in one structure. 

For more bookshelf designs, check it out here

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