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Grand ideas for small bedrooms

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Apartment living is not for the faint of heart, everyone loves a spacious home… a home that allows for everything we have ever wanted. But, unfortunately for most people, living in an apartment is a modern reality. However, with some creativity and charm, even the most diminutive apartments can be attractive, stylish and even look a bit grander.  

This Ideabook compiled by the homify team will look at tips and tricks to create the illusion of a larger bedroom. A private area with a personal touch that is bright and airy, a special space to relax and unwind after a long day at work and just enjoy the peace and tranquillity of silence and serenity. So let's not waste any more time and get started!

The minimalist look

The first thing to avoid when decorating a bedroom, is adding unnecessary furniture. This is imperative, especially if the bedroom is small. So think about the essentials, such as a bed and mirror and perhaps a clothing rail for storage. The more uncluttered the room is, the larger it will seem, but the more furniture in a room, the more cramped the space will be.

Also, look at including light colours throughout the room, such as white. The walls and flowy curtains as well as light colour bed linen, will make the space seem more open and airy. Less is more in a small bedroom, so think about the necessity of an item, before making it part of the decor.

Go for single bed

If you live alone and are looking at great ways to save space in your small bedroom, then consider ditching that double bed for a single instead! This is a great way to make your room seem more spacious and allows for other items of value to be added, such as a great designer bedside table, dresser or cupboard. A more stylish room is within reach, if you are willing to make this sacrifice!

Make sure the room is practical

This bedroom is functional with a vintage element that is truly out of the box! Who would've thought that using chairs instead of bedside tables would look so amazing. Using an antique element such as this will definitely add a personal touch to a bedroom! 

Other storage solutions for a smaller bedroom include adding shelves for items of value and a sliding door closet to save even more space! If you are at loss to solve your storage solution problems in your small home, then here are some: Inspired storage solutions for small homes, just for you!

Add some colour

A bedroom that makes use of a brighter colour palette will seem bigger and livelier than a room that incorporates dark and dreary tones in the decor. An exceptional use of colour in the form of contrasting tones, is the best way to create an appealing design… especially if space is your problem. The example in this image covers the bright colour angle perfectly! And the horizontal stripes on the wall coupled with an uncluttered approach definitely creates an illusion that the room is larger!

Arrange things vertically

How about this solution to your lack of space problem? A high rise bed such as this will take advantage of the storage solutions created beneath it, especially if all you have is one bedroom! This design by AIDAHO Inc, is a creative way to store your valuables, while still having a great place to sleep. 

A new age bunk bed such as this, might take some time to get used to, but it is pretty awesome and attractive, don't you think? This modern bunk idea might even make a great bedroom for a teenager, they always seem to need extra storage space, so that's a problem solved!

Hang a mirror to add space

Mirrors are a great way to enhance the feeling of a larger space, especially when placed opposite a brilliant light or a well-lit window. The reflection of the light creates an illusion of a bigger room, which is a trick that does not only need to be used for bedroom decor… in fact, it's a versatile solution to a space problem throughout the home. 

A mirror does not only need to be used for vanity sake and can definitely add a creative yet elegant touch to any bedroom. Horizontal or vertical? The choice is yours entirely, just think about this bedroom idea by the interior design team at Vilaça Interiores for inspiration. 

If you are in the need of a quick clean up solution, then have a look at this Ideabook and create: A better bedroom in just 15 minutes.

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