Automation and state-of-the -art appliances in a Delhi residence

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Automation and state-of-the -art appliances in a Delhi residence

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With every passing day, life is becoming more demanding than ever before. And to stay comfortable despite the daily rush, you need some automation in your life! Check out how this home in Dwarka, New Delhi has reached a new level of awesomeness with automation controlling its lights, ACs, TVs and more. The home appliances suppliers from Urobo Home Automation have made this happen. As we take the tour, you will see how the professionals have added uniqueness to every room with ambient lighting that can be easily controlled via smartphone apps and voice commands on Amazon Alexa. The spaces under the beds have taken on a whole new look as well, thanks to RGB lighting. So, read on to know more. 

Purple magic in the living room

Note how this trendy living room stands out from others with the help of purple cove lighting. The furniture is modern and plush, to ensure maximum comfort here. And the light lends a dreamy feel. This is a great space to hang out with friends in the evening.

Automating curtains

Now, the residents can control the opening and closing of curtains with the help of their smartphone. Imagine how convenient it is when the sun is getting into your eyes but you are feeling too lazy to get up and draw the shades. 

Controlling temperature made easy

The automation professionals have ensured that all the ACs in the house can be controlled with the help of smartphones. So, for instance, if you are about to enter the residence in say ten minutes and you want a room to be already cool, a few clicks on your phone can do the trick! And there is no need for the remote. Or maybe your pet is at home and the day is hot, you can control the temperature of the room he is in, even if you are at work. 

Controlling the TV

In this home, it is possible to switch the TV on or off, with voice commands and smartphones. Changing channels, volume, brightness and modes is a breeze! Moreover, you won’t have to maintain multiple remotes for this and can control your AC, TV, fan and lights from the same device. 

Stylishly lit bedroom

RGB lighting is the reason why this modern bedroom looks so appealing and exclusive. The blue under-glow of the bed can be controlled with Alexa and is stunning yet soothing and ensures restful sleep. The printed cushions and classy lamps add to the fashionable vibe here.

Another chic bedroom

Here too, you can see how the blue under-glow of the bed jazzes up the environment of the bedroom. The decor is simple and minimal, and the reading lamps are sleek and trendy. All the lights can be controlled from smartphones, making it possible for the residents to relax without getting up to switch them off or on from the control panel.

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