360 VR Property Tours: A revolution in property sales

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360 VR Property Tours: A revolution in property sales

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As technologies advance and become more readily available, we find new areas to apply them and they can dramatically change new industries.

VR or Virtual Reality is one such technology – finding new applications in entertainment, education and now real estate.

ELTA VR Solutions have done exactly that, combining 3D Modelling with virtual reality to create a completely new real estate marketing experience. Gone are the days of staring at floor plans and guessing what spaces and layouts will look like. Instead, take a complete tour of a property and get a sense for what the space will feel like before any construction even begins.

With 16 different projects under their belt, ELTA VR are Turkey's most experienced firm in the industry, working with both domestic and international clients.

But before we go any further, why not take a look at how it's applied here.

ELTA VR SOLUTIONS – Seba Suites Dış Mekan:  tarz Evler

Seba Suites Dış Mekan


This particular design focuses on Sepa Suites, a pair of modern multi-storey buildings set to be built in Istanbul. These fantastic developments are set to feature 144 apartments ranging from 60 to 180m2. A total of 23 shops will also be built as part of the complex.

A sleek modern look

ELTA VR SOLUTIONS – Seba Suites İç Mekan:  tarz Mutfak

Seba Suites İç Mekan


Thanks ELTA's VR application you explore the beautiful, monochromatic interior in all it's glory. All the details of the finished product can be seen, from the kitchen cabinet's finish to the way furniture can be arranged in the space.

ELTA VR SOLUTIONS – Seba Suites İç Mekan:  tarz Koridor ve Hol

Seba Suites İç Mekan


Among the benefits of this use of VR is really getting a feel for the interior and exterior spaces, helping to sell an experience far better than images alone. With ELTA, end users can travel through and entire apartment or home, with a better idea of how the space would work for them and their needs. Furniture can be modelled to the exact requirements and floor or wall looks can be can be modified so owners can experience living in the final home without actually living in it.

ELTA VR SOLUTIONS – Seba Suites Düsseldorf Evim Fuarı 2019:  tarz Çalışma Odası

Seba Suites Düsseldorf Evim Fuarı 2019


ELTA VR also offer training for sales consultants to allow them to get the most out of the software and give the best possible demonstrations to potential customers. Through the ELTA VR platform sales vendors can also connect remotely to customers and provide a simultaneous virtual walkthrough of a property before a single brick has been laid. As part of their services, the company can also integrate the virtual tour onto an existing website.

Virtual reality is absolutely a step into future of selling property and ELTA VR's product a must have for any forward thinking real estate business looking to set themselves apart from the market.

You can find more of their work here.

Casas inHAUS:  tarz Evler

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