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The master bedroom is a quintessential part of our home where we can seek privacy, but also where the senses expand and we are able to revive and reinvigorate. Not only is it a place to rest, but it is the most intimate space that we share with our partner. All of these factors considered leads to the conclusion that the type and style of decoration that we adopt, will be of the utmost importance, as it is essentially an extension of ourselves. 

Whether we are romantic, daring, ground-breaking, or classic… our inner personality will be reflected in the style that we give to our bedroom. The bed, sheets, and pillows collect our laughter and our tears, and most certainly our desires, hopes and failures.

1. Dream room

The large bed with soft cushions in a light and airy space effortlessly invites relaxation. The carved headboard is solid pine, which has been applied with a blue-grey patina that blends perfectly with the light tones of the bed linen, white, beige and pearl grey. The ceiling beams, wood laminate flooring and large aluminium framed windows allow this rustic bedroom to be integrated into this house, which is located in a rural setting. The designers have completed the décor with chairs, which are a combination of leather and hardwood Castilian style. To add a personal touch, a small wrought iron table serves as a nightstand on the left hand side. The opposite side is a small chest of drawers. Hanging lamps imitate the old thin glass oil lamps, and complete the decoration of this cosy room.

2. Saving space

If you live in a small apartment, to save space, a good choice is this wall bed from Muebles Parchis Dormitorios. During the day it remains closed, allowing the space used as a dining room or study area, and at night it turns into a comfortable double bed. The room has opted for a practical and modern design of straight lines that add warmth, incorporating both blue tones and wall textiles, as well as accessories such as chairs and carpet.

3. Hanging bed, maximum space

How about a hanging bed? Maximise your space with a suspended bed that uses both bottom and side space for storage. Built with lightweight materials it can slide along the rails that hold it, to allow access to the shelves and to open the window. This is stylish and minimal design at its best.

4. Minimal space, maximum comfort

A minimal space helps add to a pleasant and comfortable night's rest. This compact area between two walls has been used to fit the bed, and has even managed to have a narrow sill that will serve as a nightstand. This bedroom is functional and original. The white colour scheme and untreated timber helps provide cleanliness and order, necessary when working with a small space.

5. Dreamy atmosphere

As we enter this sleeping space the light and warmth envelop us, and we are welcomed into a spacious room with simple furnishings and sweet tones. Opting for a bed with a leather headboard in beige tone brings a touch of modernity against the classicism of the lamp, and the printed fabric and linen. There is a clear continuity of tone, on both the ground, walls, and curtains. The large width of the skirting board as well as its decorative plaster moulding, emphasise and reinforce this classic-style décor.

6. Mixture of styles

A cottage of two halves Forest Eyes Photography Kırsal Yatak Odası
Forest Eyes Photography

A cottage of two halves

Forest Eyes Photography

It is obvious that the owner of this bedroom is a lover of classical details, yet has not quite renounced modernity either. Combining the two styles into one bedroom ensures comfort, and at the same time beauty. Classic details like the frieze divides a wall into two clear and clean tones, while the gilded mirror, and console serves as a bedside table. Bed linen is in a gold hue and transports us to other times. For the bed frame, solid oak was chosen with a headboard in a colonial style. The wicker details and floral curtains provide freshness, and a touch of daring vivacity.

7. In love with details…

Freshness and attention to detail are qualities that truly speak to the occupant and their personality. This bedroom has used two beds pushed together instead of a double. Textiles are combined with pastel paint, white doors and additional stylish furniture. Taking advantage of the reduced storage space, a trunk sits at the foot of the bed, along with a small bedside table space. The room has achieved a vintage touch by installing a small light in gold and white that provides indirect, soft light.

8. For the more adventurous

Now here is a daringly modern bedroom! Our eyes cannot help but notice the mural that occupies the headboard wall, and works wonderfully to utilise both textiles and furniture. Straight lines, lightweight materials, and minimalist décor ensure this room is a very personal place, where order and soft light are combined to achieve harmony.

9. Warmth in the corner

Taking advantage of the cosy corner of the room, right next to the fireplace the designers have installed the bed. By placing it in the corner, the room exhibits a stylishly utilised space, and has prioritised warmth and functionality over everything else. White and grey textiles ensure the room is cosy and comfortable. The carpet covering the old tessellated tiling and plant motifs, helps to supplement the warmth emanating from the fireplace.

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