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Introduction to Danang Hoi An

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If the correct format is followed, in a card game there will be about 10 towers built, each tower will be given three cards on it with different words. Danang city is located in the middle of Vietnam, 766 km north of Hanoi capital and 961 km south of Ho Chi Minh City following National Highway 1A. Vegetables served with Nam O fish salad are very diverse and only grow on Hai Van pass like forest toads, orchid heart, healthy, broccoli leaves

[64] The ethnic church in Hoi An, Like many other localities of Vietnam, the family lineages all have places to worship their ancestors, which are called clan shrines or their churches. Tour Da Nang Hoi An Da Nang Population The population structure of Dang Trong people in Da Nang in Tay Son period - Painting by British painter William Alexander. During a holiday or the death anniversary, the head of the clan will open these wooden boxes to commemorate the deceased

Many of the temples here date back to early construction, but most of the original structures are already changed, even eroded through the changes of history and restoration times. Common ground layouts of the houses here include: sidewalks, patio, main house, side house, patio, toilet and courtyard, patio, backyard, back garden. From now on, the Chinese have to take a ship to trade Chinese water, to enter the seaport, Westerners have to take a Western ship to enter the Korean gate, not to visit other sea gates

Flow In coastal waters, the dominant direction is southeast with average speeds of about 20–25 cm / s. Administration Da Nang city has 8 district-level administrative units, including 6 districts and 2 districts. and especially Quang noodle

At night, standing down from the temple gate, you can see a long light streak of city lights like a meteor in the night sky, beautifully beautiful. . [16] Japanese merchants then came to sell bronze, copper coins, iron, and household goods. Hoi An is also a land marked with many imprints of the mix, cross-cultural

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