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Over the past 30 years, 75 Chau India ships have docked here, compared with 37 ships docked at Dong Kinh, an area ruled by Trinh lords. Description of Hoi An Ancient Town with traditional architecture introducing Hoi An Ancient Town Hoi An is famous for its traditional architectural beauty, harmony of houses, walls and roads. The inner diameter of the statue is 17m wide, the height has 17 floors and each floor has a total altar of 21 Buddha statues with different poses and poses called "Buddha of the righteous Buddha"

In addition, in Da Nang, private companies have also invested in employment services to support free recruitment for job seekers, along with supporting employers to find jobs. to find candidates. The male population of the city reaches 558. [231] The festival is held on February 17th - 19th of the lunar calendar every year [232] at Quan The Am Pagoda, located in the scenic population of Ngu Hanh Son

In the festival, there are traditional folk games of the sea such as basket boat, boat racing, swimming, tug of war. [34] In the old town, there are many other alleys located perpendicular to the main road extending out to the riverbank. [92] The whole town at that time had dozens of import-export companies

[62] In particular, Gia Long provided for the reception of foreign envoys to have relations with the monarch. must enter the seaport of Da Nang without being able to dock at any other seaport. Ngu Hanh Son in Da Nang [230] After a period of hiatus, the festival is restored from 1991, until 2000, it was recognized as a national festival and is now one of the 15 largest festivals in the country. [190] Information Technology - Media Media Press Vietnam Television Center Central region - Central Highlands in Da Nang (VTV8) Da Nang city is an important media center of Vietnam, large The third country, especially for the Central and Central Highlands regions, currently has more than 110 press agencies, including 8 city press units, 4 central press agencies located in the city and 98 other central, association, unions and local press representative offices with newsrooms, representative offices or sending permanent journalists to operate, with more than 800 journalists, of which 400 journalists card issued; top density of journalists and reporters in the country

The "hut", a cultural entertainment of the people of Quang and the Central Coast, is still performed regularly every night. 14 lunar month on a small campus at the corner of Nguyen Thai Hoc and Bach Dang streets. If at the 3rd Gymnastics and Sports Congress in 1995, Da Nang delegation ranked 28/52, then at the 6th Congress in 2010, the city was at 4/66. The US has built in Da Nang military bases and infrastructure for military purposes such as airports, ports, warehouses, communication facilities

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