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Bai Bac Cu Lao Cham

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The reason they are called her nipples is because they look like the round breasts of a pubescent girl. Squid with sunshine People still say that if you come to Cu Lao Cham but have not enjoyed the sun in one day, the trip has lost some interesting parts. You can dive to see the corals and capture the moments under the ocean comfortably

Cu Lao's nests are scarce not only because of the large nest, good quality, high nutritional value but also because it is very difficult to exploit. If you find this article or please share it for family and friends to explore together. Depending on the taste of customers, people here can process fresh abalone into many dishes such as boiled, steamed, fried

Under the bright sunlight and deep blue clouds, the water The sea is clear and deep, clearly illuminating the shimmering green seaweed or can also see the flock of young fish swimming around the shore looking peaceful and serene. Cu Lao Cham Marine Museum People on the island nearby hear someone screaming after the thunderbolt shake the sky. Located on the land close to the foot of the mountain with two sides are two small streams of the village beach, the communal house was built around the end of the 18th century to worship the kind and gentle people who made the village in Cu Lao Cham. At the same time, she also worships the patron deities of the residents in everyday life

The best way to cook her snail is to boil it with salt and lemon pepper. It can be affirmed that Bai Chong is a very potential tourist destination that has awakened Da Nang Booking has just provided you with the latest information and pictures about Bai Chong Cu Lao Cham. According to Master Chu Manh Trinh's report, Cu Lao Cham MPA has contributed to supporting local people to diversify their livelihoods, reduce exploitation of resources, but still ensure economic development, especially. is based on ecotourism

Although the little-leaf-thorn cake is made in many places, it is only in this pearl island that it brings out the true identity of the people of Quang. Da Nang Booking has just provided you with the latest information and images about Cu Lao Cham Nymphs. Today Au Boat is also the place for cultural events on the river of Cu Lao Cham

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