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​Top 10 ideas for apartment interiors

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Ah, the joys of being in control of interior design. Deciding which scatter cushion to use, and which coffee table to pick.

But, of course, interior design involves significantly more than these small (yet important) touches. So, with that in mind, we have drafted this little list of 10 stunning ideas to add some pizzazz and style to your apartment’s interior.

Whether it’s a particular design style or a colour choice, you are sure to find a few dazzling ideas below…  

1. A Scandinavian-styled living space

To kick off our list, we turn to our Nordic cousins for some inspiration. Those familiar with the Scandiavian style will know that it’s all about the ‘less is more’ approach, yet with a twist. 

Take the living room above for an ideal example: this layout perfectly flaunts its neutral colour palette, and makes supreme use of its open spaces. Natural lighting is important, as is evident by the glow of lighting streaming in from the left side.

2. Less becomes even lesser

The minimalist style goes hand in hand with Scandinavian design, yet they are not exactly the same. The minimalist style also fancies lots of open space, so you’ll never find an abundance of decorative- or furniture pieces here. 

Notice our example by O-Scape above: this living room appears open and spacious because of its sparse furniture and décor, yet it’s far from dull or monotonous.

3. A vintage twist

We love this space, which is decidedly a combination of minimalist and modern, yet takes on a slightly vintage twist with the inclusion of a few “old school” touches. The wooden side table with drawers, as well as classic floor lamp in the corner, both contribute to charming up this space.

And then we come to the fabrics and colours, which add soft and cheerful touches: warm reds, orange, blues and pinks are all visible, as well as two decadently patterned rugs.

4. The wonder of wood

Wood makes for an exquisite material, as it can be used in a range of different styles, textures, and tones. As it is comfortable and warm, wood is an excellent choice for cold climates. 

Take this open-plan living area above, which looks both warm and inviting, thanks to the combination of timbers and fabrics. The pale tones fit in beautifully with the neutral colour palette, lending a visual spaciousness to the room.

5. Add some focus

Want that one particular area to really stand out? That’s when you opt for a focal point, such as this wall above that’s coated in a striking, deep royal blue. Any additional elements, like wall art or a wingback chair, will stand out when placed against that wall. And just see how fantastically it complements the rest of the clean and calm surfaces.

6. Add some style with a shelf

The wonder of the shelf! Whether it’s a floating shelf or a standing furniture piece, the shelf provides us with fantastic opportunities for both storage and displaying. 

Notice the stunning shelf piece located in the living room above. With a slim and sleek body, one hardly notices it, instead diverting our attention to the elements it carries. And since it’s an open shelf, the wall colour and patterns behind it are visible, adding both tone and visual spaciousness to the room.

7. Black and white

If you want to add some colour contrast, you may as well opt for the king and queen of tone balancing: white and black. This can be as simple as opting for a dark floor with crisp-white walls, or more complex by alternating between dark and light wall art, décor, and furniture pieces.

8. A double-duty dining room

Since space is limited, the majority of us resort to clever ideas to squeeze out more legroom out of our homes. This often includes using multi-purpose rooms, such as using the dining room for both dining/entertaining and working.

And what is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing! Notice the clean and tranquil room in our example above: snow-white tones and sleek surfaces for a stylish dinner party, and yet the patterns and textures add a playful and charming vibe that can make for the ideal home office.

9. Going up

Running out of floor space? By all means, go up! 

A loft space is ideal for adding some more legroom to a space-cramped area. It can be either small (for some added storage opportunities) or large (an entire new room, such as a TV room or guest bedroom). 

The loft in our example here expertly grabs the unused air space and transforms it into a practical area for these homeowners. 

Could you do the same in your home?

10. A café corner

Who says we’re limited to either peninsulas or dining room tables for meals? This half-wall divider in our kitchen image above neatly separates the kitchen from the adjoining space, and is just big enough for a modest little dining area – a café corner, if you will. 

Opting for a bigger dining table (or a kitchen island) would have taken up way too much space – but this is pure perfection! 

Not so fast – we have some great options for your dining room! Check out the homify guide to choosing a great dining table.

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