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The House that Proves Size Doesn't Matter

Leigh Leigh
DMP arquitectura Modern Oturma Odası
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Despite not having much space, a small house can undergo an amazing renovation to become the most envied in the neighbourhood. By simply redesigning spaces, you can create a whole new look and feel, which becomes a home full of personality. The whole world will fall in love!

The project below was created by DMP Architects and gives a clear example of how creativity, experience, attention to detail and careful managing of a budget can result in a fantastic house, despite its small dimensions.

This small residence, located in Alicante Spain, was first built over 10 years ago. However, during the recent renovation, the space has been utilised far more effectively. We will witness a home appear right before our eyes that oozes a contemporary lifestyle.

The view from the outside

From the outside we can see what type of classic home this is.

This side of the home was restored, creating a very clean, modern and yet traditional look and feel.

The vegetation surrounding the home gives it a touch of colour, complementing the neutral tone of the house. The plants and trees give the facade life, integrating the natural environment with the architecture.

The kitchen – a favourite place for all

The kitchen has been completely remodeled, changing the spatial arrangement of it completely. 

With the trendy appliances and the counter space that has been made available for food preparation, which runs along the entire length of the wall, along with the gorgeous and functional table, which serves as a bar, this is a beautiful home. The breakfast bar is a great place to enjoy a snack or a quick breakfast, where the whole family can interact.

Sometimes cooking can be boring and uninspiring but this kitchen is the perfect place to enjoy preparing a delicious dinner. Why? Because guests or the rest of the family can sit at the bar and chat to the cook!

This predominantly white kitchen is complemented by the warm, rich tones of the wooden floor.

Attractive kitchen features!

A beautiful stone counter top is located in the kitchen, providing an air of simplicity, naturalness and elegance.

The design of this unit, just as we saw in the previous image of the entire kitchen, is modern and uncomplicated with elegant lines. It embodies a very unpretentious design with the intention of creating space that is used efficiently, without losing the aesthetic qualities.

The kitchen is both incredibly attractive and very useful!

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The room with all of the appropriate space

The social area is the heart of every home.

In this home, the social area is in a large space where the living room is located. 

From here we can see how the roof slopes, while the wooden floors and white walls come together. This creates a very cosy and homely atmosphere.

This room is complemented by various decorative elements and furniture including a blue sofa, classic chairs and a piano, which gives the space a more relaxed look and feel. It also creates some harmony in the social space.

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Smart Partitions

The shelving that we can see on the wall in the social area not only functions as a place to store books, ornaments and other items in the living room, but it also serves as a very subtle room divider. The shelving separates the social area from the more private places in the home, including the bathroom, which we can see a sneak peek of!

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Purity and elegance in the bathroom

Upon entering the bathroom, the first thing that strikes us is the purity and the use of white throughout. This is made possible by the marble coating, the use of mirrors without frames, tempered glass doors and beautiful wooden furniture that supports the sink.

This is definitely a special and private place to enjoy a refreshing shower

This bathroom clearly shows us that we don't need a bathroom that's very big. The designers have maximised the space here, thanks to the furniture and the simple features that they have used. They have made use of every centimetre of the bathroom, without sacrificing the functionality of the bathroom.

The master bedroom: waking versatility

We have made our way from the bathroom into the main bedroom – a very intimate space that is even more separated from the social area.

The wooden cabinet follows the pattern of modern design, with a clear minimalist tendency. It is also supplemented with a simple palette of colours, based on white accents and dark blue tones in the form of the cushions on the bed.

The fact that there is no dividing wall between the bathroom and the bedroom gives the feeling of spaciousness within this small house that is only 65 square metres big.

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